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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

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Next up on Home and Away, Tex and the bikie gang abduct Cash and hold him at gunpoint, endangering his life.

Meanwhile, Eden awakens from her coma with memory loss and Ziggy and Dean welcome a newborn girl into the world.

Below is a complete list of the 11 major events that will soon occur.

The realization that the vehicle accident that nearly killed her and Eden was a targeted attack has shaken Felicity’s existence.

She begins drinking covertly in desperation to dull the ache. She is also wounded by Cash’s distant behavior since she believes he blames her for Eden’s coma and doesn’t understand that he is avoiding her for her own safety.

As soon as he can no longer ignore Felicity, Cash determines that she needs to know the truth. He tells his sister the truth, acknowledging that the bikies were responsible for the tragedy and that he was the intended victim.

2. Rose makes an arrest

Cash receives a text message from the bikers that details the location and time of their anticipated final confrontation. Cash worries that he could not survive because the group is determined to exact revenge on Marty for his death. He bids a comatose Eden goodbye, bracing for the worst.

Later, Rose shows up at the hospital to let Cash know that the task force is aware of his meeting. Cash is being held at Eden’s bedside by a police guard as armed police storm the bikie residence in an effort to prevent the meeting from taking place.

Rose detains Lloyd Stevens, the gang member who damaged the ute, in memory of Cash. Cash wishes he had been the one to bring the culprit to justice when he hears the news, though.

3. Cash is kidnapped

The story takes a new turn when it is discovered that Tex has managed to break out of jail. Tex commands the gang to bring Cash to him because he just got out of jail and is itching for vengeance.

An undercover bikie kidnaps Cash at gunpoint as directed, but Cash miraculously manages to warn Tane of the danger. Tane follows and sees the policeman being dragged into a pitch-black van.

Cash and Tex finally meet after being taken to a hidden place, and Tane hides behind a tree and calls the police for assistance as Cash confronts Tex.

4. Tane comes to Cash’s rescue

Being outnumbered by the bikie group, Cash believes his luck is running out, but Tane isn’t willing to see his pal suffer. Tane storms into the safe house, outwits the goons with his martial arts prowess, and knocks them to the ground.

Police sirens can be heard approaching before Cash can reach Tex. But Cash, the winner, has the last word as Tex is led away in handcuffs.

5. Dean’s mum is back

Parents-to-be As Karen, Dean’s mother, arrives back in Summer Bay, Ziggy and Dean receive a surprise visitor. To the dismay of the newlyweds, Karen, who is obviously excited about the thought of becoming a grandma, extends an invitation to stay.

Due to Karen’s oppressive behavior, Ziggy is out of control and tells Dean that he needs to get his mother out of their home. Ziggy unexpectedly gives birth before he can warn Karen she has overstayed her welcome.

Soon it will be time to visit the hospital, and Karen decides to go along. She brings a portable cooler that is completely filled into the delivery room because she wants to make it a celebration. Ziggy, though, decides that this is the last straw and tells Dean to remove Karen from the room.

6. Karen reflects on her painful past

While Dean is anxious to keep Karen away from Ziggy and the birthing room, he also doesn’t want to dampen his mother’s excitement. Being stuck in a precarious predicament, he turns to John Palmer, an unusual buddy, for assistance.

Although Karen is upset that John interrupted the birthing party, she agrees to let Dean and Ziggy handle things. Karen shares her harrowing story of giving birth to Dean alone in a room full of strangers over a beer. She swears to be there for her son and granddaughter and is sure that history won’t repeat itself.

John, moved by Karen’s narrative, assures her that she did a fantastic job with Dean and that he will make a great father.

7. Ziggy gives birth to a baby girl

Ziggy is afraid as her arduous labor draws to a close. Nonetheless, Dean was by her side the entire time, supporting her, and she gave birth to a healthy daughter.

While a tearful Dean looks on, overflowing with love for his wonderful family, Ziggy joyfully lets Karen back into the room to cradle her baby grandchild.

Across the Bay, word of Ziggy and Dean’s newborn baby travels, causing locals to rejoice.

8. Eden wakes up

Since the accident, Eden’s family members have maintained watch by her hospital bedside, so when she awakens, they are ecstatic.

When Eden becomes distraught and forgets their love past, Cash rushes to her side prepared to express his actual sentiments. Bree wants to delve into Eden’s memory loss and sends her for a series of scans as she relies on her pals to fill in the blanks.

Heartbroken Remi, who is also depressed by the loss of his relationship with Bree, listens to Cash as he confides in him. Cash learns from their chat that he must offer Eden his friendship in order to uphold honor, but it’s obvious that Cash is secretly hoping for anything more.

9. Xander dumps cheating Stacey

Rose is undecided on what to do when she discovers Stacey having an affair with Xander. Rose first agrees to remain silent, but she finds it difficult to watch Stacey portray the ideal girlfriend. She tells her brother the terrible news with reluctance.

Xander is upset with himself for thinking Stacey and he might ever be alone together. She implores him to pardon her, saying that all she did was make a dumb error.

However, Xander decides it’s not enough, and after losing her trust, he informs Stacey that their relationship is over.

10. Mac and Gabe look to the future

Gabriel offers to help out at Salt without Felicity. Yet Mackenzie finds it all a little overwhelming and continues to wonder why she decided to give him another chance.

Gabe convinces Mac even though she isn’t sure she can trust him again, and the two return to her house for a steamy reunion.

Mac is sorry she allowed her ex back into her bed after being discovered by Dean while still undressed. Patient Gabe, though, offers to go at her own pace and assures her that this time would be different.

After Gabe’s statement of love, Mac is comforted and begins to think about a future with him.

11. Theo’s got a stalker

Theo keeps feeding his internet fan’s infatuation despite Justin’s advice not to divulge personal details to total strangers.

Initially touched by the attention, Leah’s nephew quickly worries he has gone too far after receiving a box of donuts from his admirer.

Theo is alarmed to learn that this person is aware of his residence and realizes he isn’t receiving a present from an ardent super fan; rather, he is being stalked.

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