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A pair from Emmerdale leaves the community months after joining the ITV soap

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In the most recent episode of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, two characters were temporarily bid farewell by the locals.

On Wednesday’s episode of Emmerdale, Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) and Tom King (James Chase) both unexpectedly left the show.

Tom, a village vet who had just moved back to the Yorkshire Dales, said that he and Belle, his girlfriend, were taking a romantic vacation to Venice.

The characters are taking a break from village life, but they’ll soon be back.

Tom said to Suni Sharma (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana) in the most recent episode, “Well there’s me all packed up for Venice tomorrow. Is Rishi Sharma going to be okay?

Take him with you, Belle won’t mind, Suni retorted. She is aware that I will be your plus one, right?

Eden, the actress who plays Belle, was recently spirited away to Italy by her lover Ed Lewis.

The actress, who has been a mainstay on Emmerdale since 2005, posted a photo of her vacation in Italy on Instagram.

Eden posted many photos of herself in the sun with the remark, “A few days in Southern Italy.”

The soap star had her hair pulled back into a chic ponytail and was wearing a white, strapless linen dress.

Co-stars reacted quickly to the message, with Isabel Hodgins of Victoria Sugden writing: “This brings me so much joy.”

The love interest of Belle After spending some time abroad, Tom returned to Emmerdale early this year with a new actor playing him.

Prior to his departure, Jane Hudson, the executive producer of Emmerdale, told Express.co.uk and other media outlets: “He’s back in England and is qualified as a vet, so I think we all know where he is going to be working.

“Tom and Belle have a history; they rekindle their relationship when they cross paths; and we will travel with Tom and Belle for a while as we act out stories for them.”

Has Tom changed for the better? Longtime Emmerdale viewers will recall that Tom used to pursue Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) and was a bad influence on Belle.

Will Tom give Belle a ring so she can wear it when she returns from Venice?

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