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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

‘Better than Ben Shephard!’ Kate Garraway teases new GMB host as viewers ‘switch off’

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KATE GARRAWAY introduced Paul Brand as the newest presenter to sit in the Good Morning Britain hot seat during Thursday’s episode.

Paul is no unknown to the Good Morning Britain crew because he frequently makes an appearance on the ITV program to raise awareness of a wide range of topics, most of which are political in nature. On Thursday, he co-hosted for the first time with Kate Garraway, who couldn’t help but poke fun at Ben Shephard as she welcomed Paul to the show. Unfortunately, the host failed to captivate the audience as much. Kate praised Paul’s “excellent” journalism that he had previously brought to Good Morning Britain at the start of the broadcast. She then inquired as to his current state of well-being from the presenting chair next to her. He responded in jest, “Awake! it is advantageous. Oh, that’s a wonderful start!, teased Kate. Most of the time, that is superior to Ben Shephard.

Paul explained to Kate that, given his one-year-old son and the early morning start he needed for the concert, the rehearsal had gone well.

He jokingly remarked that since he regularly changes diapers at this time, this was a “major boost” from his usual routine.
Kate then played a video montage of some of Paul’s Good Morning Britain reporting, which includes articles on partygate, the coronavirus, and A&E waits.
Kate remarked, “Wow, I suppose we’re punching, aren’t we?” when the video had finished playing.

Have you got a ring binder in there for me, Kate? I feel like I’m on This is Your Life or something, Paul retorted.
While Kate kept praising Paul, several viewers “turned off” because they weren’t impressed.
“Turned on to see the biased Paul brand sitting in the seat and turned straight off again,” wrote Diannebrown128. (sic)
“Thanks, I won’t watch,” Gareth Richards added.

Good God, no thanks, wrote Cathy M12. Turned off. From now on, @JuliaHB1 will be having Angela Raynor as a “guest” for me.

“No thanks #milkshake on @channel5 tv is more fascinating,” swiped Antony Nibloe.

“You’ll never be on my TV, you’re the biggest cause to turn off,” Vanessa Oliver-Green continued. People will visit TALKTV!

Simply stating: “Another reason not to watch,” Simonspudwynn

Kate uploaded a picture of them both grinning behind the GMB panel and told her 509.9k followers they were “enjoying it” despite the viewers’ mixed reactions.

Paul thanked his co-host for the day for helping him get used to the role by reposting the photo.

“Kate generously keeping me on track this morning – such a woman,” he wrote as the description for the photo.

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