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Coronation Street’s Faye Windass star admits she ‘doesn’t like’ being horrible to co-star

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CORONATION STREET actress Ellie Leach, who plays Fay Windass in the hit ITV soap, has admitted she hates being horrible to her onscreen boyfriend Craig Tinker.

Viewers of Coronation Street have recently seen poor Faye (Ellie Leach’s character) struggle to accept the news that, at the age of 20, she is going through the menopause. Craig Tinker (Colson Smith), Faye’s boyfriend, seems to be making things worse as she struggles to deal with the news. Ellie acknowledged that her character’s plotline on Jeremy Vine on 5 has been really “difficult” for her as an actress. The actress said, “I do really love being able to kind of do something completely different,” when asked about filming the emotional sequences with Craig. It’s obviously not nice because I don’t enjoy treating Colson badly. However, we are aware that he is not real.

It presents a challenge because I don’t typically encounter it in daily life.

It’s excellent, and obviously it’s important to demonstrate how it impacts relationships as well because, in my opinion, that topic isn’t discussed enough.

The tension between the two reached a breaking point earlier this week when Craig informed Faye that he would return to his mother’s house in order to give his girlfriend some space.

Are you hungry considering I could get takeout? Craig queried.

Faye retaliated, “I couldn’t eat a thing,” and then said, “I’ve got a knot in my gut.”

The policeman said calmly, “That’s probably a sign.

Craig enquired, “I do your head in, don’t I?” Faye moaned.

I swear if you start lecturing me, Faye snapped as she poured herself a drink.

I haven’t said anything, he said. “Should I temporarily return to my mother’s house?”

“Would you like to?” If you want me to, Craig said as Faye questioned him.

Faye, obviously frustrated with the situation, said, “I’ll just do me, and you just do you.

“If you want to return home, go back home; if not, don’t.”

The soap opera star recently discussed her most recent health dilemma when appearing on Loose Women.

When Kaye Adams questioned Faye about whether she anticipated being involved in a plot like this, Faye responded, “Yeah, yeah definitely not.”

However, it’s always beneficial to be able to tell a tale, no matter what.

I wasn’t really aware that it had happened to ladies so young, so yes, I was startled.

However, in my opinion, that is why it is beneficial to be able to demonstrate that this occurs and ensure that everyone is aware of it because relatively few people are aware of it.

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