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Couple on the rocks in Coronation Street as character’s reappearance makes waves

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As an ex-boyfriend returns to Weatherfield, Coronation Street viewers may see trouble in paradise for newlyweds Gemma Winter and Chesney Brown.

Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) and Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) of Coronation Street might have more difficult times in the future.

The couple, who tied the knot earlier this year, have faced challenges ranging from Paul Foreman’s (Peter Ash) MND diagnosis to striving to maintain their financial stability.

Gemma chose to accept an opportunity to work for a brewery executive and her ex-boyfriend Henry Newton (George Banks) as her financial problems worsened.

Henry has avoided Weatherfield since being last observed on the cobblestones five years ago, but it appears that he has turned his focus back to Gemma.

The fact that Henry is sniffing about once more and that Gemma begins to lie to her husband are clear indications that Chesney is not happy.

Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews), who is struggling to keep the Rovers Return open, goes to Henry’s family for assistance.

George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley), who is aware of their past, advises her to utilise her feminine charms to convince Henry to purchase the Rovers.

When Gemma later arrives at the hotel expecting to work on a cider promotion, even though that’s not the case, she is at a loss for what to do and her head is jumbled.

Henry tells her that he utilised the lack of a promotion as an excuse to spend some alone time with her.

Her husband is upset to learn that she lied to him as George reveals that Gemma is meeting Henry even though she had previously vowed to stay away from him.

Later, Gemma says she will accept his offer to work for him as his PA if he guarantees to save the Rovers.

Back at home, Gemma informs Chesney of the development and admits that she has no affections for her ex and is simply cooperating with him for the benefit of the Rovers.

Will Chesney be able to support Gemma on her new position? Or perhaps the prospect of rekindling their relationship was too much for him to handle.

Actor George Banks said of learning that Gemma was now married: “I believe he finds it rather difficult to deal with, but he still wants to be a nice man and do what he can.

He still regrets not making her the landlady when he was planning to purchase the Rovers the last time.

“I believe he is attempting to right that wrong,”

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