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EastEnders fans love new character but think she’s getting killed off for one reason

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Fans think northerners have ‘a short shelf life’ on the show

Fans of EastEnders are delighted by a new character, but some worry that she could not be around for long. Since October, Eve Unwin, played by Heather Peace, has been a part of the Square.

She was introduced shortly after Stacey Slater’s arrival since it turned out the two had married while they were both incarcerated in order for Eve to be released on probation. Since Eve is a troublemaker in Albert Square, Stacey’s mother Jean tried to get rid of her.

Eve had grown attached to Ash Panesar throughout the course of her tenure on EastEnders, and later to her mother Suki. Once, Eve and Suki shared a kiss, but Suki broke it off right away.

As soon as a fan posed the question, “What do you think of Eve on EastEnders right now?” fans flocked to a Digital Spy forum to share their love for Eve. Fans swiftly provided one writing in response “She rocks, in my opinion. I adore her interactions with Suki and Stacey.”

A second concurred, stating “Fantastic new cast member. Her growth and contribution to the Suki plot are excellent.” One supporter remarked, “Love her, one of the nicest additions for me in recent years.”

I truly appreciate her character, one individual quickly added as others joined in the praise. I adore both her bond with Stacey and her connection to Suki. She has a lot of promise, and I think they are doing a great job of blending her character into the neighborhood.

Eve’s faith, though, may be fatally predictable, as one supporter warned: “I totally love her! However, Northerners typically don’t last long on EastEnders, so I can see the shitshow murdering her off next year – passing away in Suki’s arms just after they confessed their love to one another (and after Eve has saved Suki from Ravi).”Or some other overblown, manufactured nonsense. I certainly hope not, though!” There is a brief history behind the northern characters.

The northern characters Jake Dyer, Bert Atkinson, and Jake Stone, along with a number of others, didn’t endure more than a year. A second supporter expressed concern that Eve might claim responsibility for Ranveer Gulati’s murder in order to save Suki: “I’m little afraid she will claim responsibility for the murder to save Suki.

Lewis’ role should have been different, I hope. Although it wasn’t to be, I believe that he and Eve would have made a convincing friendship and even flatmates.

“Eve and Lewis may have been representation, even if I don’t believe that LGBT actors should just be cast in LGBT parts, I don’t buy Ben and Callum together, and Bernie is “meh.” They mishandled Eve and Lewis so they could concentrate on the chosen.


Soon after his initial appearance in Walford, Lewis Butler came out as gay and made friends with Callum Highway and Ben Mitchell. Fans had hoped for some affirming LGBTQ+ representation, but Lewis’ persona immediately turned sinister by raping Ben, who has had to suffer with the consequences ever since.

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