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Emmerdale fans ‘work out truth’ behind Charles Anderson attack clearing Naomi’s

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EMMERDALE fans are certain they have “worked out” the truth behind vicar Charles Anderson’s horrific attack last week and are convinced that his daughter Naomi Walters had nothing to do with it.

Vicar Charles (Kevin Mathurin), who has a tumultuous relationship with his daughter Naomi (Karene Peter), was surprised last week when she surprised him by coming back to the hamlet. She had excellent intentions, but when Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) overheard the two squabbling, things quickly went south. She hurriedly dialed an ambulance after being startled to discover Charles unresponsive as she made her way over to the church. Despite Naomi being widely accused of being the attacker, sharp-eyed admirers contend they have identified the genuine perpetrator. When Naomi saw an ambulance driving toward the church after the quarrel, she hurried back there out of fear for her father’s safety. She is shocked when she realizes her father is unconscious and asks Manpreet if he is okay but receives no response.

the worst criticism when she is yelled at to leave.

Local police officer Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) Naomi was detained shortly after the incident on suspicion of assault.

Manpreet and Ethan Anderson (Emile John) awaited updates on Charles’ condition at the hospital and ultimately received one.

Manpreet, who is enraged, equates Naomi’s alleged activities to those of Meena Jutla, a serial killer who has been convicted (Paige Sandhu), shocking Ethan.
Many fans have defended Naomi and thought that she wasn’t the one who attacked Charles, despite the fact that people still don’t know what the two were talking over.
Many keen-eyed viewers caught Ethan messing with the church’s electrical system early in the show.
Fans of Emmerdale believe that Ethan may be to blame for Charles’ abrupt change after taking this into account.

@Elcano6791, an Emmerdale fan on Twitter, wrote: “Vicar been electrocuted.”

“Lazy Marcus should have rectified the electrics by now,” @CallyAnne88 continued. Now, Naomi will be held accountable for this.

“So I’m guessing he gets electrocuted,” @DionPetrie speculated.

According to @macnamara60, Naomi “could” have kicked Chucky in the behind, but “probably” didn’t on this particular occasion. When she walked away, they were still at odds.

The next few hours will be vital, hospital staff warned later in the episode when Charles was put into an induced coma owing to a hemorrhage. Manpreet was perplexed as to what could have caused the injury, but the nurse declined to comment, saying: “My biggest worry is making sure he’s okay.”

In recent remarks regarding her persona, Karene Peter teased: “She has a slight edge.

“I’ll admit that she’s been misinterpreted a little bit. She has numerous facets as we come to know her.

“We first see Naomi in less than ideal circumstances, but as the narrative develops, she turns things around and reveals a variety of sides to herself.

“Because her adoptive family is caring and she was raised in a loving environment, Naomi has a bit of a rebellious edge and some anxiety, which isn’t necessarily related to the fact that she was adopted.

She told Digital Spy, “But I just think there’s a little bit of abandonment issues there with her dad and her mom.”

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