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Emmerdale’s Daisy Campbell discusses how Amelia will handle the horror of Dan leaving.

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It’s difficult to imagine Daisy Campbell’s character Amelia Spencer (Emmerdale) without her father Dan (Liam Fox). Since Daisy Campbell was 7 years old, viewers have observed them as a couple. However, it appears that they will soon part ways because Dan will soon be sentenced to prison after admitting to hitting Amelia’s stalker Lloyd (Matt Sutton) and putting him in a coma.

Daisy Campbell praised her on-screen father, saying, “He’s always been such a good support system from starting the show together.” He has taught me a lot, and I will use what I have learned from him in my work. We are good friends as well as having a bond more akin to parents and children.

Dan faces incarceration, and Amelia must consider life in the village without him, becoming for the first time in her life totally responsible for herself and daughter Esther. Daisy warned us that Amelia would likely struggle.

‘At first I really don’t think she would cope well because she’s a single mum with college and a job to think about,’ she reflected. ‘In good time I think she would learn to cope but think it would take a while to get used to, because she’s always had Dan there. She’s definitely thinking about where she would live because she’s 17 and she has the house to think about running on her own if he ever did go to prison.’

Daisy told us that Amelia feels huge guilt over what happened with her dad and Lloyd, as it was her online activities that brought Lloyd into their lives in the first place.

Daisy said, “She feels awful about it.” Deep down, she is beginning to feel bad for potentially unknowingly introducing Lloyd into their lives.

She may be thinking that Lloyd wouldn’t have been harmed and Dan wouldn’t be in this situation if she had stayed offline. Amelia has encountered issues online in the past, so perhaps she believes she should have learned her lesson. I believe Amelia has finally discovered a passion outside of her job at the salon. However, all Amelia would be considering is what her dad had to go through, and she feels awful about it.’

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