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Emmerdale’s Zoe Henry discusses ‘learning curve’ of family life with Jeff Hordley

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EMMERDALE star Zoe Henry recently opened up about the frustrating failure she and her husband Jeff Hordley encountered with their allotment.

On Thursday’s episode of Lorraine, Ranvir Singh and Emmerdale actress Zoe Henry, who plays Rhona Goskirk in the popular ITV soap opera, spoke about the ongoing plot in which her character is taking care of her fiancé Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) after his stroke. After talking about her professional life, Zoe shifted to her personal life with her husband and co-star Jeff Hordley and the recent allotment issues they had.After talking about the soap opera’s 50th anniversary and how the Dingles have been the longest-running family on the program, the topic of Zoe’s life away from the soap opera came up. And you’re married to a Dingle in real life, Ranvir exclaimed! He couldn’t be any less like a Dingle if he tried, Zoe chuckled and said. Oh my God, that picture is so old! In response to the image of the pair that came on TV, Ranvir said, “No, I adore that photo! You both seem to have fairly green thumbs, don’t you? We’ve been cultivating our own fruit and vegetables for 15 years, so we’re almost there, according to Zoe. I would describe us as

enthusiastic amateurs.We’re by no means professionals, but last night we had to pick up our cucumber plants because they failed for the second year in a row. We are not very good at everything, but learning is a constant process.” In response to a question about whether viewers should have Kleenex on hand for the episodes airing on Thursday and Friday, Zoe teased: “I think it’s going to be extremely emotional, very stressful.” It will be both heartwarming and enjoyable. There is a lot more going on tonight than simply Rhona and Marlon’s narrative. Therefore, watch it. An enjoyable hour of amusement is guaranteed.”

Drama school brought Zoe and Jeff together for the first time in 1994, and they later got married in 2003.
Previously, she stated to Leeds Live: “At the drama school, we met. Our relationship dates back 28 years. We were together for ten years prior to that with the connection on set. In 1994, my partner and I met.
Together, the couple has a son named Stan and a daughter named Violet. According to Zoe, the couple frequently works on internet learning.
Obviously, he’s managing everything since we have two children, two dogs, and an allotment. As I sort of start to slow down, [Jeff] is ready to get busy, so we’ll switch the baton at that point.”

Despite sharing a soap opera set, the characters of the duo hardly interact with one another and are rarely seen together.

“It just means we have a very distinct existence at work, and I believe we both accept that and like that,” she said when discussing their interaction on Lorraine.
Following a protracted and difficult journey together, Rhona and Marlon exchanged vows in poignant moments that have been airing over the past week.
Marlon struggled to stand up to exchange vows despite being in a wheelchair since having a terrible stroke earlier this year.

In contrast, Zoe refused to agree to altering Rhona’s name to Dingle because her husband’s role on the set required it.

Rhona has always chased after love, but her relationship with Marlon is different because the two of them have previously overcome a lot of obstacles and have a rich past.

Leo, who has down syndrome, is another member of their group and will remain so forever. I don’t want to use the same last name as my fictional husband in the program.” She never changed her name to Kirk or Harris, which I enjoy. A little bit of Dingle stuff, but not too much, is okay with me. No drinking in wellies or such foolishness.”

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