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EXCLUSIVE: Beloved Home and Away star’s shocking diagnosis

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Will Alf come to terms with the crushing news before it’s too late?

Alf Stewart is acting strangely, and everyone can see it except for him because this week he decided to disregard important medical advice. But will he suffer as a result of it?

John (Shane Withington) observed Alf having difficulty hearing clearly in recent episodes of Home and Away. The obstinate stalwart dismissed his worries and advised him to “mind your own business” when he brought them up. But in Summer Bay, that’s all fantasy.

Alf’s defenses rise as Justin (James Stewart) tries to get him to chat at the surf club. Alf, who is agitated, declares he might have a medical problem and announces his immediate resignation from the club. In shock, Justin seeks assistance from Dr. Bree (Juliet Godwin).

Bree persuades Alf to take some hearing tests despite his initial resistance and determines that he could require hearing aids. Alf suffers a severe hit and feels helpless. Emily Symons’ character, Marilyn, vows to support you and help you through it.

Irene (Lynne McGranger), meanwhile, is overjoyed to learn that her ad for a house guest has received a response. Irene chose to rent out John’s old room because he moved out and she was feeling lonely.

Irene meets Harper (Jessica Redmayne), a social worker on a prolonged vacation, at the diner. They clicked straight away, but John notices something doesn’t seem quite right when he’s standing nearby.
Is there more to her story?

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