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Fans of Coronation Street ‘figure out’ how a couple would reconcile after experiencing terrible loss

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Fans of Coronation Street are aware that Paul Foreman has been diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND), which will cause him and his boyfriend Billy Mayhew much grief.

Some Coronation Street viewers think that only Billy Mayhew’s ex Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce), who plays the character on the show, can help him get through his loss.

A few fans have already speculated on how Billy will handle losing his companion after learning of Paul Foreman’s (Peter Ash) terrible end.

Paul has already stated that he is considering assisted suicide before his condition worsens to the point where he is unable to move or speak, despite the fact that he is unsure of how long he has left to live.

According to a verysensiblelady theory on Reddit, Todd would secretly assist Paul before becoming close to Billy and reconciling with him after his death.

Then, when they are fully back together, there will be a dramatic storyline in which Todd will reveal to Billy that they may be preparing to be married, leading to a confrontation or separation.

Others agreed with the hypothesis, with StormblessedOrc saying: “This sounds 100% accurate.”

This is one of my theories, 00rvr replied. Another idea I had was that Todd secretly assists Paul, Billy immediately figures it out or Todd just confesses, and then Billy, in his rage, calls the police and we briefly enter a courtroom plot.

After confiding in Todd about his wish for Billy to assist him in dying, a wish that had sparked a major argument between the pair, Paul made the prediction.

Later, he told Todd that he had changed his mind, but Todd didn’t appear to believe him.

This week, when speaking about the difficult issue of assisted suicide, Paul said: “I’ve been thinking about what I want, you know, how I want this to play out.

That’s what brings me to you. What if what I desire puts you in conflict with the big man, you know?

“Well, it’s difficult to say without knowing what it is, but you do realise that you come first, right? Your happiness is vital to me, so I put you first,” vicar Billy said.

Paul explained, “It’s just that knowing what I’d like and what you’re allowed, they don’t exactly go together,” and continued, “I love you, and I wouldn’t want to put you in a position where you have to choose between me and your faith.”

Paul finally admitted, after some prodding from Billy, “Ok… I know that someday I won’t be able to say and do the things that I want so before that happens I want you to promise me that you’ll help me end my life.”

Billy rebuffed in awe and later admitted he though Paul was going to pop the question.

Billy’s response made it obvious that Paul later appeared to have changed his mind in order to eventually accept to marry Billy.

Then, a wary Todd questioned Paul about his decision, and it appeared as though Todd could be inclined to grant Paul’s wish.

But what if Todd and Billy reconciled again?

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