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Fans of Emmerdale discover Rishi Sharma’s secret after a “imposter” enters the area.

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After Rishi refused to reveal the identity of his biological father, Jai Sharma of Emmerdale may have permanently distanced himself from him.

In the episode airing on Wednesday, Chris Bisson’s Jai Sharma (Emmerdale) experienced a major setback when his mother Georgia (Lin Blakley) showed up.

Georgia’s abrupt entry drew immediate reactions from the audience, with some labelling her a “imposter.”

Others noted that Trudie Goodwin, who starred in The Bill, had previously played Jai’s mother.

Viewers who expressed their opinions on Twitter think that Georgia and Rishi Sharma’s (Bhasker Patel) secret will be revealed very soon and that Jai will eventually learn who his real father is.

“#Emmerdale,” shared @unsworth1live. I believe the secret is that Jai’s mother was raped and became pregnant as a result. (sic)

Tweeted @funkygibbons: “Long live the OG Georgia, down with imposter Mum.”

“His dads are not his dad and his moms are no longer his mom,” @MattMurkyfuture said, “#emmerdale.” (sic)

“Now that mum has shown up, please let’s get the cat out of the bag and tell Jai who the father is so we can move on??? #emmerdale,” implored @Carol44698330.

“Who is this imposter posing as Jai’s mother? Where is Trudi from #Emmerdale’s The Bill?,” tweeted @JayeLorene. (sic)

Jai is too worried that Rishi isn’t his father to recognise that the woman who just got out of the taxi isn’t his mother, continued @emmdeeaitch. “#emmerdale.”

A intoxicated Rishi confronted Jai in images that were broadcast on Wednesday, but while walking there, he ran into his ex-wife.

Rishi cried, “My son has rejected me. Please tell me he doesn’t know the truth.”

Jai yelled, “I knew it. “The reality of what?”

Georgia tried to claim that Rishi was intoxicated, but Jai wasn’t buying it.

He became furious, saying, “I knew there was more, and to think I was coming to sort it out with you.”

Jai remarked, “I was right, I knew they were hiding something, is it about my real dad?” as Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) drew near.

Georgia insisted, “I told you everything,” as Jai argued with Rishi about parenting.

Jai screamed in wrath, “I knew I was right,” and Rishi retaliated, “So it was right to take a life.”

Jai said as Laurel walked away, “I don’t know what other sordid secrets you’re keeping, but I know I don’t want you anywhere near my family.”

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