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GH’s Willow Tait Is Having The Longest First Trimester In Soap Pregnancy History

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This has been the longest trimester in the history of pregnancies.

In order for Willow Tait’s pregnancy test to have returned positive on June 30 of that year, she had to have been pregnant for at least a few weeks prior. Although Willow has been telling us since August, she is still in her first trimester with just a few more weeks to go as of October. It is already October, just in case you weren’t checking your calendar (which clearly Willow hasn’t been doing).

Willow Tait — The Nurse Can’t Do The Math

In reality, the first trimester of pregnancy lasts 13 weeks, and for around eight to nine of those weeks, a woman is aware that she is pregnant. That means that by the time Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) decided to wait to start treatment for her leukemia until she was over her first trimester in late August, she should have already passed that trimester, making chemo safer for her unborn child.

We were aware of this in August, but we chose to ignore it because we rationalized that it was just a soap opera and things like this happen all the time. However, now that it is October and Willow is still insisting that she has some time left before attempting to rescue herself, we have had enough.

The Never-Ending First Trimester For Plot Purposes

The soap is just using Willow’s endless first trimester to make her sicker and sicker until she needs bone marrow from birth mother Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros), probably in time for November sweeps. Never mind that GH had the perfect opportunity to tell a story about pro-choice options when the life of the mother is at stake in the very timely 2022 and chose to ignore that. (Of course, given the current state of GH, it may occur during February sweeps when Willow should be giving birth but is probably still in her first trimester.)

This serial forgets plots for weeks and often months at a time in order to get through the lengthy and tortuous first trimester of Willow.

rotating through every member of its enormous cast. When the plot picks up again, GH wants us to think that nothing has changed. However, time must pass when we are discussing a pregnancy and a delay in cancer therapy caused by a temporary condition like the first trimester.

Fans hadn’t seen Willow in a whole month, and when she finally reappeared, she told TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) the same thing she had told her OB Britt Westbourne a month earlier: she knows she is doing the right thing by allowing her cancer to worsen, but only for a few more weeks. How many “few more weeks” must pass before Willow returns?

Let’s not even bring up the fact that Willow (Chad Duell), the self-absorbed boyfriend and father of her child, has been hiding the fact that she has been looking like death warmed over for months.

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