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Home and Away insider reveals shock baby secrets: ‘Exploded’

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The mother of the fictional child of Dean and Ziggy has opened out about her experiences there.

The newborn daughter of Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) and Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) was finally unveiled to Home and Away viewers on Tuesday night. The newborn’s arrival was greeted with joy and awe, but the baby’s real mother shared some information about what had really happened.

Among a statement that has been circulating in Summer Bay Facebook fan groups, the mother gave an insight into how a baby is cared for on set. Fans were shocked to hear that Charlie, a three-week-old boy, actually played the newborn baby girl.

The happy mother informed viewers that Sophie was a natural during their first embrace despite Charlie having a major catastrophe throughout the situation. As keen-eyed observers would have noticed, the infant arrived with a hilarious reason for its frown.

He did a poo that popped out of [his diaper], which is why he is grinning in the initial photo. She persisted despite saying that Sophie was very professional. She is so kind that when Charlie pooped on her, she didn’t care.

When the baby was first introduced to Sophie, he wore a white substance on his head to mimic the consequences of birth. His mother acknowledged that Sudocrem was used to treat diaper rash by the makeup team rather than artificial blood.

Since Ziggy and Dean’s child will either be replaced with a doll or with an older male infant, the mother revealed that Charlie won’t make another appearance in the movie.

NSW’s strict guidelines regarding working with children

To keep working children safe, the New South Wales government has developed incredibly rigorous rules.

While some viewers criticized the baby for not appearing young enough to be a newborn, infants under three kilograms at birth are not permitted to appear on broadcast until they are at least 12 weeks old.

Any production companies utilizing infants younger than 12 weeks old in performances or photo shoots, according to Steve Kinmond, the NSW Children’s Guardian, must acquire their approval. The infant must first go through a procedure-required evaluation by a licensed nurse or qualified midwife before the Office of the Children’s Guardian approves any requests.

He states that “producing businesses must] satisfy us that the infant will be safe and well cared for” before starting any work. “The competent nurse or midwife shall advise the employer that the job would not disturb or endanger the infant… Our officers can also attend plays to make sure that infant and young child performers are taken care of properly.

“Even while working in the entertainment industry can be a lot of fun, there are hazards and responsibilities for both employers and young performers. We impose strict controls on the working environment for children and infants, he claims, to ensure that their needs in terms of education, health, and wellbeing are met.

Baby Charlie weighed just four kilograms when he made his big television debut.

Before filming, a nurse arrives to assess the child’s eating, weight, and general health. Tiny babies cannot be used since they need to be cleared at least a week or two earlier. In addition, no new mother wants to watch TV straight away!

Charlie’s mother claims that the OCG has limitations on how many people can care for a small infant. “The only actors holding them are the nurse and the parents. She screamed, “Yet another reason why they need many births.”

Fans react to the behind-the-scenes secrets: ‘Interesting’

After she revealed her experience on the Home and Away set, many were ready to congratulate the mother on her bundle of joy and to thank her for the “unique” perspective.

He is just too cute. We’re grateful that you permitted “Ziggy” to be your baby’s mother for the duration of the movie. It’s nice to gain some background information, a reader exclaimed.

“Thank you for introducing us to your gorgeous baby son. Congratulations! Another individual remarked, “What a pleasure for you to be a part of such a great plot.

“Excellent article; my daughter appeared in the play Breakers 24 years ago. Seeing videos of herself interested her. An thrilling but nerve-wracking endeavor for a new mother. Congratulations,” a third person said.

Even Charlie’s mother was commended by Sophie’s mother, Karen Dillman, for letting her daughter hold the baby during the poignant incident.

Karen gushed, “Sophie is my actual daughter, and I’m delighted she was able to do the scenario with your adorable bubba well.”

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