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Home and Away officially confirms Bella Nixon’s return

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In the middle of new grief for Nikau Parata, Courtney Miller is officially returning to Home and Away as Bella Nixon following some rumors regarding her homecoming.

It appears that Bella will need to discuss some unfinished business with the two ex-lovers as she is on her way back to Summer Bay.

Last year, shortly after Bella came to New York, Nikau abruptly broke up with her, putting an end to their romance.

Bella, who is now a well-known photographer in the US, was unaware that Nikau started the divorce in order to safeguard her.

As the bikies threatened the character, played by Kawakawa Fox-Reo, and his uncle Tane, he made the decision to sever contact with Bella in order to stop her from returning to Australia.

Nixon told TV Week that Bella and Nikau “now live in two universes.” “The vibe of Summer Bay is completely different from New York. She unexpectedly returns, which surprises Nikau because a lot has changed for both of them.”

Bella could be returning to see Izzy, Ziggy’s kid, but she can’t help but run into Nikau. In upcoming scenes, Bella is informed about their breakup by Nikau as they go for coffee.

They decide to put their romance behind them despite her being heartbroken that he hasn’t phoned since he was safe. Fans are hoping for a reunion because the two ex-couples can’t help but fall back into their old routines, especially now that Fox-Reo has officially left the Australian serial opera.

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