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Home and Away reveals future of Rose and Mali storyline

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The love chemistry between Rose Delaney and Mali Hudson may continue to develop in Home and Away.

The two characters’ potential romance had been hinted at in the Summer Bay serial, but last week, Mali’s worries over Rose’s career put a stop to it.

Since moving to Summer Bay last year, Rose, a police officer, has been employed with the Yabbie Creek Police Department.

In this week’s episodes, Rose and Mali shared a passionate kiss after going on a date to Salt.

Both parties hoped that this may result in something extraordinary, but Mali was concerned when she saw Rose the following morning wearing a police uniform.

Mali asked Rose why she hadn’t told him about her profession earlier as he immediately turned cold and aloof around her.

Mali originally appeared hesitant to explain the cause of his response, but when pressed for an explanation, he eventually confided in Rose.

Mali clarified, teasing that he had previously encountered bias from police officers: “Why do you suppose? In my hometown, you can’t trust the police. This means that it won’t work for us.”

Rose answered: “You are unaware of that. I’m very sorry that’s how it was for you. No matter what uniform I’m wearing, I can assure you that I’m not like that. Give me a chance to convince you of it. I can understand if you find it difficult to accept what I do for a career. Shouldn’t we, though, at least try?”

Rose questioned Mali about their future plans after they grew closer at a gathering given at the Parata home.

Mali’s affirmation that he would be interested in another date made Rose happy.

In March, Channel 5 will air these moments for Home and Away viewers in the UK.

In December, the long-running soap opera revealed that Kyle Shilling had been cast as Mali.

Kyle is a member of the Bundjalung Nation’s Widjabul clan. While creating plans for his character Mali, Home and Away executives consulted with an Aboriginal script consultant.

Kyle just said to Perth Now: “I believe I would have been more motivated as a young person to want to better myself and explore acting if I had seen someone similar to me on a big TV show when I was a child.

“Because we are generally categorized as athletes among Indigenous people, I never considered taking another path. It has a major impact when you feel like you have been subject to stereotypes your entire life.

Looking back, I realize that if I had seen someone like Mali Hudson on such a popular series when I was 10 years old, I would have wanted to be him.

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