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Home and Away star Lynne McGranger shares exciting family news

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The Logie nominated actress reveals how the family dodged a bullet following a ‘near-hiccup’.

With two significant milestones approaching, Lynne McGranger has something to celebrate on both a professional and personal level.

The Home and Away actress is going to take on the role of “mother-of-the-bride” and will be attending her first Logies as a Silver L585ogie nominee.

The actress revealed that she has been working with her “dream” stylist to make both ideals come true simultaneously and expressed how thrilled she is to watch her daughter Clancy get married.

Clancy, who will wed her fiancé Luke Dickson in August, is the daughter of Lynne and her late husband Paul McWaters.

She is our only child, and I recall her FaceTiming me in September 2021 to tell me, “So we’ve got a bit of news,” according to Lynne, who speaks to 7Life.

The actress chuckles, “I thought she was pregnant, which I wouldn’t have minded.

She said, “No mom, I’m not pregnant but…,” and then she pulled up her finger with the engagement ring on it when she noticed the expression on my face.

It was such a sweet surprise, according to Lynne, that she “thought they were making fun of me, I didn’t believe it.”

Paul, the actress’s husband, was informed of the secret after their future son-in-law sought his approval.

Luke then contacted Clancy’s jeweller aunt and uncle for assistance with the ring.

Therefore, Lynne says, “(Paul’s brother and sister-in-law) knew and they kept it from me, which was kind of good.

“What a sweet surprise,”

Laughing that it is “so hard” to keep such joyful news concealed, Lynne adds that she would have battled to maintain the secret.

“Even after she informed me, she pleaded with me to keep it a secret and I asked if I could tell my best buddy.

‘Yes, you can tell Maureen, but don’t tell anyone else,’ she added.

Can I at least tell Ada, I asked. Ada Nicodemou, her co-star in Home and Away and close friend, is mentioned by Lynne.

Clancy said, “Okay, you can tell Ada,”

Lynne confides that her daughter is “really chilled” about organising the wedding.

The actor does, however, add that the family “did dodge a bullet” with regard to the garment.

The Bride Atelier, a well-known bridal store, went out of business earlier this month, leaving hundreds of brides without their gowns and out of money.

Lynne recalls that it was “awful” to learn of those customers’ circumstances.

We were quite lucky, she says, because Clancy had already picked up the garment and the adjustments had been outsourced.

“It signified that we had the dress and had moved it to a safe place where it is today and had been paid for.

That was the only close call; otherwise, everything went as planned.

In addition to her wonderful personal news, Lynne has received her first TV WEEK Silver Logie nomination for Most Popular Actress after playing Irene on Home and Away for more than 30 years.

According to her, “I still feel like it’s not real,” she tells 7Life.

It’s quite bizarre; I’m at a loss for words.

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