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Home and Away’s Leah in danger as fans ‘work out’ Valerie’s link to cult Vita Nova

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Supporters of Home and Away think Leah Patterson is in serious danger.

The roommate of Leah (Ada Nicodemou) at the mental health facility, Valerie (Courtney Clarke), was recently introduced to viewers of the Australian soap opera. Valerie arrived soon after they were both released from the hospital and discovered Leah at Summer Bay.

Valerie and Theo (Matt Evans) became closer while enjoying a drink at Salt earlier in the week. But when Theo inquired about Valerie’s relatives, he set off a trigger.

In the latest episode of Channel 5’s soap opera, which aired on Thursday, March 28, Theo expressed regret if his inquiry the previous evening regarding her family had been excessive. Valerie spoke in Theo about her life after accepting his apology.

She acknowledged that, other from counselors, no one had inquired about her history in a very long time. She continued by recalling the horrific circumstances that resulted in her brother’s passing.

After picking Valerie up from the party, her brother and sister got into a heated quarrel and drove home. They landed upside-down in the automobile as a result, and Valerie begged her brother to wake up, but he never did.

The immigrant acknowledged that their family was shattered and that her parents had never forgiven her. Fans are learning more about Valerie, but they are still unsure about her reliability.

One person who posted their opinions online said, “Valerie is obviously insane. I wonder who she will be latching onto if not just Leah/Justin.” Someone someone remarked, “Who is Valerie? I can sense that she will cause problems, and I’m game.”

“Valerie and Theo being together is only going to lead to trouble,” claimed the third. Another exploded: “Hey, who the f**k is Valerie, and why is she going after Leah, any guesses?” Theo and Justin

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