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Home and Away’s Tane Parata risks his life to save Cash Newman

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He bravely fights the bikies next week.

Next week, Tane Parata from Home and Away will have another heroic moment on UK television when he intervenes to save Cash Newman from the biker gang.

Tane is the first to arrive on the scene to save Cash when the nefarious gang of crooks hatches a horrific scheme for retaliation.

In upcoming episodes of Channel 5, Cash will set up a meeting with the bikers to put an end to their conflict.

Prior to his intended perilous expedition, Cash visits an unconscious Eden Fowler at the hospital, knowing that it might be his last opportunity to see her.

The policeman’s preparations are foiled when Rose Delaney, one of his coworkers, meets him and reveals that the task force is already aware of his intention to face the bikers.

Cash is restrained by a police guard at Eden’s bedside in order to prevent him from moving.

During the task force’s raid on the bikies’ covert base, Lloyd Stevens, who destroyed Felicity’s wedding car, is detained.

When Cash learns of this, it makes him feel happy yet sad that justice hasn’t been done by him.

It is revealed that Tex Wheeler has managed to escape from prison just as it looks that everything can return to normal.

One of the bikers approaches Cash at Salt on the direction of Tex and stealthily kidnaps him while brandishing a gun at his back.

Cash tries to alert Tane that he is in danger as he departs. Tane takes the cue and sneaks after, observing Cash being loaded into a shadowy van.

Tex confronts Cash back at the bikies’ hideout and confesses his plans to assassinate Him in retaliation for Marty’s passing.

Watching on from afar, Tane quietly calls the police for back-up.

When it’s clear that the cops won’t arrive on time, Tane storms in to overpower the bikies, taking on multiple assailants with his impressive martial arts skills.

As Cash regains control and chases after Tex, will he get the last word in their war?

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