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Humble local business owner in awe as Kate Ritchie still shops with her mother at the same place she did when she was a child star on Home and Away

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A Campbelltown, Sydney, shop owner revealed his amazement after Home And Away star Kate Ritchie and her mother Heather visited his modest garden centre last week.

Tim from Tim’s Garden Centre stated on Thursday through Instagram that Kate, 44, used to frequent his nursery as a young actor and was delighted to see her again.

‘Wow, I had a pleasant surprise when I looked up and saw Kate Ritchie. ‘She used to come here a lot with her parents while she was on Home and Away,’ he commented next to a photo of himself and Kate posing arm in arm.

Tim explained that Heather was still a regular shopper, and that he’d recently gifted her a red scarf as part of a charity, along with a second scarf to give to her daughter. 

Proving she really is Australia’s nicest radio star, Kate chose to wear the scarf when she came to visit.

A small business owner in Campbelltown, Sydney, (left) has shared his surprise after Home And Away star Kate Ritchie, 44, (right) and her mother Heather visited his small garden centre last week

I really started grinning when I saw Kate as I looked out from the lunchroom, Tim continued. I’ve been listening to Kate on Nova’s Breakfast with Fitzy and Wippa. She always offers those boys very wise advise. I have a slight fandom.

Additionally, the company owner disclosed that Kate had just started following his garden center’s Facebook page and had even bought a rosemary plant.

Perhaps she’ll prepare Rosemary Lemon Chicken tonight? She did admit to being a talented cook. She was a pleasure to speak with. He concluded, “She did look fantastic in Tim’s Red Scarf.

Kate wore a blue knit sweater, traditional blue denim, and an eye-catching scarf.

Following Kate and Tim’s Instagram snap, the garden center’s fans commented how much they were looking forward to the trip.

One commenter remarked, “How good is this!” Another remarked, “You’re nearly as red as that scarf, you’re blushing that much mate.”

After appearing on the Shock Jocks podcast, radio personality Tim Blackwell seemed to confirm rumors of a falling out with his former Nova FM co-host Kate.

The 41-year-old said, “That’s a question for her, I know nothing,” when asked what caused Kate to leave.

I believe it ran its time and I believe she wanted a fresh opportunity, and [new presenter] Ricki-Lee Coulter was also present, he continued.

After an extended absence and a stay in treatment for alcoholism, Kate had left the show.

When asked what prompted Kate’s exit, the 41-year-old responded: ‘That’s a question for her, I know nothing.’ He then added: ‘I think it ran its course and I think she wanted a new opportunity… and [new host] Ricki-Lee Coulter was around as well’ 

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