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Listen to the Song Sharon and Chance Danced to on Y&R

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Fans were left wondering what music was playing towards the end of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS episode on July 25 when Chance started dancing passionately with Sharon in the deserted coffee shop after choosing a song from the Crimson Lights jukebox.

We now know that the song is called “Lifeboat” and was written by Crit Harmon and Dave Coffin due to a helpful tweet from Y&R music supervisor RC Cates. The song is available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify whenever you want.

“Lifeboat” started playing after Chance placed his dollars in and he drew Sharon into his arms for a loving kiss and a gentle dance. The soundtrack then resumed as the show cut to Nick and Sally ordering room service, Adam drinking alone at the GCAC bar, and Phyllis watching Leanna Love’s news program on her phone. When Jack and Ashley’s confrontation came to a close with her fleeing and Tucker and Jack calling Billy with a fresh strategy to stop his sister, the music faded away for the dramatic conclusion.

The song “Lifeboat” was not yet featured in the Official Y&R Playlist on Spotify when we published this article, but it most likely will be in the near future. Back in July 2021, Cates announced the creation of the official playlist, which starts off with the iconic “Nadia’s Theme” but also features other incidental music heard on the soap, songs sung by characters like Tessa and Danny, and songs by well-known artists like Il Divo, Ella Fitzgerald, James Blunt, Josh Groban, and Alicia Keys.

If you liked “Lifeboat,” you can either click play on the YouTube video below or stream it on your preferred music streaming service.

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