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On the Couch: Why All of Y&R’s Genoa City Needs Anger Management Therapy

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Who has gone over the bend most on Y&R?

We are aware that enormous emotions fuel soap operas, and The Young and the Restless has long displayed its share. However, either there is something in the water or Genoa City as a whole has entirely lost its sense of security in a way that has never happened before. The emotions, or rather the overreactions, have skyrocketed just last week. Here is the person we believe most needs to relax, practice mindfulness, and then sit on our sofa for anger management counseling.

On The Couch: The Usual Genoa City Suspects

Since Summer (Allison Lanier) dared to depart from her mother’s side in order to live on her own in Italy, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) has been frothing at the mouth about insignificant issues. Summer quickly returned, but Phyllis then spread her madness to Diane (Susan Walters), and it spread quickly.

Now that Mommie Dearest has taught her a lesson, Summer is losing her temper and refusing to consider how she might be a part of her own sadness. She might want to talk about that in counseling. Bring her mother after spending some time alone. So that we may explain to her how solely at fault she is.

Both Sides of the Y&R Fence

We are aware that Jack (Peter Bergman) was the target of Billy’s (Jason Thompson) staged outburst. But truly, was he? He expressed his agitation at Jack (Peter Bergman) in the same way that he did toward Ashley (Eileen Davidson). That doesn’t bode well. Is he working double now? Triple? In both situations, we believe the uncertainty is what’s driving him so insane.

Losing My Mind In Genoa City

Ashley, though, is not even using that defense. She just…went around the corner. Diane (Susan Walters), over. This woman has actually endured panic attacks and mental episodes. We realize it indicates she is vulnerable to them. But we’d also want to think it meant she’d be aware of her triggers and seek help right away. That doesn’t appear to be happening right now.

Young & Restless: Punch Drunk

Victor (Eric Braeden) is another. We genuinely have no idea how Adam (Mark Grossman) managed to contain his laughter when Victor raised his voice and yelled, “I’m the head of this family, I’m in charge, me, me, me, meeeeeee!” like a toddler who skipped his nap. Victor, at least, has boxing as a release when he flips his lid in the craziest way imaginable. We have terrible news, though, because if its purpose is to keep him grounded, it’s not doing so.

CBS broadcasts The Young and the Restless on weekdays. Check out the most recent entries on Y&R spoilers for additional information about what will happen in Genoa City, and click here for a detailed look at the show’s history.

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