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Ravi descends to a new low as he makes a startling offer to Gina in EastEnders spoilers

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We’ve known for a long that Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) is a bad guy, but in recent EastEnders scenes, when he made a startling proposition to a downtrodden Gina Knight (Francesca Henry), he reached a new low.

Gina can be a bit of a party girl, especially when times are bad, as we just discovered.

Gina went to Peggy’s after learning that her mother Rose Knight had never existed and quickly learned that old habits are hard to break after purchasing a bag of cocaine.

Gina’s history with drug use was soon made clear, and George and Anna Knight (Colin Salmon and Molly Rainford) expressed alarm over her actions.

In more recent scenes, Gina discovered that her sister Anna had engaged a private detective to find their missing mother, Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins), who is now believed to be residing in France.

Gina, however, was adamantly opposed to the proposal because she was afraid of their father’s possible reaction to learning that Anna was looking for Rose Knight.

Gina gave Anna an option: her sister or her mother, in an effort to deter her from carrying it through.

Gina rushed out and immediately made her way to the Albert to drown her sorrows when Anna was unable to respond.

After the passing of his wife Lola Pearce, she discovered Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) doing something similar inside.

Gina, who grew up without a mother herself, gave Jay advice on how to aid Lexi while the alcohol continued to flow.

She pleaded with him to listen to her about Lola and reassure her that it wasn’t her fault her mother passed away.

When the dealer from her night at Peggy’s approached her and inquired as to if she needed any equipment, things took a turn for the worse.

She initially declined him, but soon after, she set up a meeting place outside Walford East.

Ravi, who had been listening in, interrupted the transaction and vowed that no drug dealings would be conducted in front of his restaurant.

Ravi quickly disproved our first assumption that this was him turning a fresh leaf by offering Gina some cocaine from his personal supply.

Gina accepted his offer after getting a text from Anna indicating that she will move through with the hunt for their mother.

Is she resuming a dangerous path?

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