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Rishi’s cause of death is disclosed on Emmerdale.

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of a recent Emmerdale episode, Jai Sharma’s (Chris Bisson) world was flipped upside down when he discovered Rishi (Bhasker Patel) dead at the bottom of the stairs of his house.

On the day of Jai and Laurel’s (Charlotte Bellamy) wedding, the adored character passed away last week.

Despite the recent difficulties in their relationship, which led Jai to realise that Rishi’s brother is actually his biological father, Rishi still intended to attend his son’s wedding.

Jai’s mother, Georgia (Lin Blakley), assisted her son in understanding during the celebration at the bar that Rishi never concealed the adoption or coped with shame from the family over Georgia having an affair in order to spare Jai from having to.

Many of the villagers were left in shock when they discovered Rishi dead at the bottom of the stairs as they were raising a glass in the tavern.

In the ITV soap opera that aired on Friday, August 4, Jai told Laurel that his father passed away due to a “accidental fall.”

Laurel could tell that Jai was relieved to learn the answer because he had been concerned that Rishi’s prior cardiac issues might have contributed to his demise.

Jai then focused on the approaching funeral of Rishi, which will take place in India.

According to actor Chris Bisson, “Jai’s speech at the reception was really about his dad and how he wanted things to be right.”

How to enjoy what we have and how life is too short for any of us to take it for granted. Thus, when he learns who his father is the following day, he will be understandably devastated.

Not simply the loss of his father, but also the circumstances. because they weren’t able to settle things.

“I believe [the regret] will make things more difficult for him. He’ll reflect on it. It doesn’t just go, and in later scripts, we do refer back to this regret. We consider how their partnership was doing at the time of his passing.

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