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Rosie Bentham, a star of Emmerdale, shares some ‘chaotic’ new stories with Gabby.

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Rosie Bentham’s character Gabby Thomas from Emmerdale is now dealing with a lot. She has obviously not yet recovered from the humiliation of having her wedding day cancelled by her fiancĂ© Nicky (Lewis Cope), and now she has made matters worse by getting very inebriated and attempting to kiss Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle).

Nicky told Gabby that he was forced into dating her as part of his dad Caleb’s (William Ash) plot against Kim Tate (Claire King) and that he couldn’t carry through the marriage since he is gay. For Gabby, who was genuinely in love with the former nanny and had staked her future on him, this was all sad news.

He chose to remain in the area, so Gabby is likely to run into him whenever she goes to work or stops for a pint of milk. A worse situation is that Nicky has moved on romantically and begun seeing Suni Sharma (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana). Seeing them together, in Gabby’s opinion, is just her nose in her own suffering.

She became quite inebriated as a result, and she then attacked Nicky. and only Billy’s quick action prevented her from physically assaulting her ex-husband.

She then attempted to kiss Billy after misunderstanding his kindness for anything more.

According to Rosie Bentham’s statement to Inside Soap magazine, “It was a moment of madness that she comes to regret.” She is looking for approval from any male. I can see Gabby waking up in the morning and feeling like her life is turmoil; she’s absolutely lost.

Gabby understands there is no future for her and Billy because he is happily married to Dawn (Olivia Bromley) and anticipating the arrival of their child, but this only makes her feel more isolated after losing Nicky and her best friend Liv (Isobel Steele), who died in the storm last October.

Since Liv was Gabby’s best friend, it is obvious that the anniversary of Liv Dingle’s passing is approaching, which is terrible for Gabby. Rosie elucidated.

Gabby makes the wise choice to take a vacation outside of the town in order to try to gather her thoughts. Rosie remarked, “She needs to reset.” Although heartbreak might last for a very long time, she is aware that she needs to let everything out. The tears must flow.

Rosie stated that while Gabby has to grieve for Liv’s passing and the end of the life she had pictured with Nicky, things won’t be easy for her in the upcoming months.

In respect to the Nicky problem, hopefully she’ll return with a fresh perspective, she stated. The upcoming several months are tumultuous, and Gabby has a lot on her plate.

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