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Sam Aston from Coronation Street consoles his wife after she sobs over the death of their child.

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Sam Aston of Coronation Street was joined by his wife to discuss their heartache over losing their child after Briony had two miscarriages.

Sam Aston is best known for his role as Chesney Brown in Coronation Street, but on Loose Women, he talked about losing two infants with his wife, Briony.

“For me, I just very much trusted the process and I guess just thought, ‘This is the way it’s meant to be for me,'” Briony said to the panel.

“My babies will come to me at the right time,” the woman said. “It’s the way I’ve always looked at life in general.”

If it’s meant to be, Briony wailed as she grieved through her tears.

Sam, holding Briony’s hand while being very supportive, interjected, “And also very hard for you.

You go through it together, though, you know.Briony experiences the physical aspect of that miscarriage, but you continue to breathe.That’s also your two infants.

In July, Sam and Briony disclosed they had experienced two miscarriages in the previous four months.

“This is a difficult thing to share, but in the interest of breaking the taboo, I’m miscarrying again, the second time in four months,” said Briony alongside a photo of a pregnancy test kit posted to her Instagram account.

“It’s sad and unfair, but I’m not looking for sympathy; I feel well supported and want other people to feel the same way.

And for that reason, I decided to publish it today. “Having people you can talk to and finding solace in those who have experienced similar things can make a world of difference,” I wrote.

We informed our close friends and family about both pregnancies, she added, “because I knew that if it wasn’t meant to be, I would want their support.

“However, if I hadn’t heard from other women about the kids they lost and their stories, I wouldn’t have been so open.

Thanks to all the ladies who came before me and shared their experiences and thoughts about their children, processing this has been made much simpler, and I no longer feel alone in any way.

I believe that by continuing these tough dialogues about miscarriage and pregnancy loss, we can open the door for those who will tragically face loss as well. In fact, I feel the opposite of alone; I feel hugged and heard.

Sonny James, age 2, and Daisy, age 1, are Briony and Sam’s two children.

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