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Spoilers for EastEnders: Drug peril, surprise pregnancy, and reappearance of the nasty rapist

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According to our daily guide, the EastEnders episodes airing the next week will see severe tensions rise among close relatives and families, with relationships at an all-time low.

Due to Freddie’s (Bobby Brazier) insistence on learning the truth about his father, the Slaters are in difficulty.

The family wants to keep the tragic news a secret, but when Freddie locates Graham, he chooses to meet with him despite not knowing Graham’s malevolent nature or what he did to Little Mo.

Will Freddie learn the truth when he meets his father face to face?

The Knights are also preoccupied with looking for a missing family member, with Anna (Mollie Rainford) still looking for her mother Cindy.

She quickly receives information regarding her whereabouts. However, not everyone supports her mission, as evidenced by sister Gina (Francesca Henry), who turns to drugs for comfort.

And while they are unaware that Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) is battling bulimia, his loved ones unintentionally make crude remarks about his eating habits.

However, Honey (Emma Barton), who has experienced the sickness herself, recognises the symptoms.

Here is a preview of next week.

Monday July 31

When Linda admits that there is £200 missing from The Vic takings, The Knights act quickly to question an irate Gina. Gina subsequently learns, motivated by her suspicions, that Anna took the money used to pay a private investigator to find their mother.

A startled Gina attempts to tell George what has happened, but she falters before Anna tells a fib that she left the money on the side while cashing up the previous night and that it must have been stolen.

Gina gives Anna an ultimatum that it’s either her or her mother while they are alone, but after talking it over with Bobby and Freddie, Anna decides to follow through with her plan to look for her mother.

As Jay tries to relax with a drink in The Albert, Gina, who is having trouble with her sister’s recent revelation, joins them. In the wake of Lola’s passing, Gina pours herself a drink quickly and begs Jay to take care of Lexi, mimicking her own experience growing up without a mother.

The drinks keep coming, but when Gina puts her hand on Jay’s leg and exits hastily, Jay gets the short end of the stick.

Later, Gina goes to the drug dealer she met in Peggy’s a few weeks ago to acquire drugs.

When Kat learns Phil is preparing to take the twins away, Alfie’s original plans are derailed, and Freddie assists him in organising a surprise pirate-themed birthday party for Bert and Ernie.

The celebration is a smashing success, and after witnessing Alfie’s incredible connection to his kids, Freddie decides he needs to track down his father.

After she receives lingerie from her stalker at the kebab van, Stacey and Eve come up with a plan to lure him to No. 31. However, their scheme is derailed when Martin discovers Stacey hiding outside the house.

After things get awkward, Stacey runs into Theo, who hides and says he’s there to talk to her about Lily’s tutoring. Stacey asks Theo around for tea, not realising she could be in danger.

Tuesday August 1

In an effort to shield him from the truth, Kat dismisses Freddie’s request for the truth about who his father is right away. Unfazed, Freddie invites Alfie and Billy to share their knowledge as he presses on in his quest for the truth.

In order to keep Little Mo’s trust, Kat overhears the exchange and promises to tell Freddie the truth later that evening. Later, Tommy overhears Harvey, Jean, and Kat talking, and he goes to Freddie to tell him his dad’s real name.

Unaware of the reality of his conception, Freddie smiles as he finds “Graham Foster” on a car dealership website with a contact number.

In order to watch the Women’s World Cup in The Albert as she looks for the identity of her stalker, Stacey takes the afternoon off from work.

Stacey is just getting into it when an uneasy Martin and Zack show up and ruin her mood. Later, when a drunken partygoer approaches Stacey, she finds herself in an awkward situation, but Theo intervenes to rescue the day.

After taking Stacey for chips, Theo offers to accompany her home, and she is appreciative of his assistance.

Gina and Anna’s relationship becomes tense when Anna meets in secret with a private detective to discuss information about their mother’s abduction. George, seeing tension between his daughters, tricks Anna into telling a story about the money being taken, which leads Anna to disclose the real cause of the missing £200.

Before going to the Boxing Den to find Gina venting on the punching bag, George begs Anna to stop the search so he may avoid hurting her.

a guilty Later, Anna decides to stop looking for her mother, but her private investigator phones to say he’s had a promising tip.

Reiss is called into a client emergency, and Sonia is left having to spend her day off at the hospice with his wife Debbie. Whitney prods Sonia afterwards to be honest with Reiss about her feelings for Debbie.

Wednesday August 2

Bobby pretends to test drive one of Graham’s autos while Freddie arranges a covert rendezvous with his father. Being overwhelmed by seeing his father in person, Freddie soon confesses his true identity.

In another location, Kat, Billy, and Alfie scramble to find Freddie before Bobby reluctantly gives out his location under the strain of Kat’s questioning.

In an effort to lure customers away from The Albert for the Women’s World Cup, Elaine devises a scheme to get Gina and Anna to stand up for their dad by awarding £50 to the winner who distributes the most promotional leaflets.

Gina and Jay had a heart-to-heart while dropping off flyers at the auto lot, during which Gina offers Jay parenting advice based on her own experience growing up without a mother.

After their awkward interaction the previous evening, the two decided to move on. However, Gina becomes upset when Anna brings up their mother again.

Thursday August 3

Bobby makes the decision to tell Anna the truth about Lucy’s passing, but Anna admits that she already knows Bobby was involved.

Later, Anna approaches Gina and offers to end her investigation into their mother in exchange for Gina’s agreement to permanently cease using drugs.

Whitney worries that because Sonia’s menstruation is late, she might be pregnant. Reiss tries to set up a lunch date to apologise for his earlier insensitivity regarding Sonia’s feelings towards Debbie, but he unintentionally steps on it when he discloses his unfavourable opinions on the prospect of having children while intoxicated and oblivious of Sonia’s situation.

Ben’s loss of appetite is mocked by Callum and Jay in The Vic, who are oblivious of his covert fight with bulimia. However, Honey is starting to notice Ben’s difficulty with food.

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