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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

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What’s next in Summer Bay?

Coming up on Home and Away, Mali has a brush with death when he pushes himself too hard.

Elsewhere, Xander falls into bed with Kate, Bree issues a warning to Mercedes, and Cash gets closer to discovering the identity of Felicity’s attacker.

Here’s a full collection of 11 big moments.

Rose and Kirby reunite

Kirby and Rose’s friendship is in jeopardy after they disagreed about the police’s role in the Stunning Organics explosion.

Stubborn Marilyn implies that their social media campaign against the dishonest corporation may have played a role in the events that followed, which gives Kirby pause for thinking. Kirby returns to the station, reflecting on her involvement, and apologises to Rose for being out of queue.

The pair are reunited, and after being informed that the CEO of Stunning Organics has been sighted, Rose heads off to make an arrest.

Later, Kirby and Marilyn commemorate Rose’s bravery, but reality sets in when Alf returns after visiting Roo and informs that she is on life support.

Marilyn receives terrifying news

With his daughter’s life hanging in the balance, Alf wants answers. He presses Marilyn about the events leading up to the explosion and expresses disappointment that she didn’t ask for help when Stunning Organics were terrorising her.

In the midst of Roo’s suffering, there’s a bit of positive news when Marilyn hears the CEO is pleading guilty.

But just as Marilyn dares to believe Stunning Organics are finished, a newspaper headline reveals they have appointed a new boss and it’s business as usual.

Mali’s in serious danger

Mali is still having trouble dealing with the aftereffects of the explosion injuries he received. Although the surfer is experiencing dizziness and sharp pains, he is desperate to conceal his problems.

Mali prepares himself for the surf after working hard at the board shop.

It everything happens too fast, and it only takes one wipe for Mali to find himself struggling to stay afloat.

Mali rejects Alf’s help

Mali is immediately helped out of the water and onto dry land by Tane and Mackenzie.

Shaken by the terrifying event, Mali agrees that he must avoid the sea until he is well enough to return, but he immediately becomes concerned about how he will pay his rent without the money from his surf lessons.

Later, an appreciative Alf visits to thank Mali for saving Roo and John. He tells Mali to knock on his door if there’s anything he can do.

Mali is urged by Mac to accept Alf’s offer, but he refuses because of his pride.

  • Andrew’s paranoia takes over

Theo is enlisted by Andrew and Justin to install security cameras around the Morgan residence’s perimeter. Andrew is quite relieved that the CCTV is in place because he is frightened Vita Nova would come back and kidnap him.

Leah concerns that Andrew’s anxiety is being fueled by the cameras as the teen loses himself in the live feed on his computer. Leah and Justin confront Andrew about his growing infatuation after observing him fixated on his screen for 48 hours, telling him they won’t be turning off the cameras.

Andrew, who is obviously fatigued, consents to turn off the computer and get some rest. But the boy is back watching the broadcast as night falls.

Xander sleeps with Kate

Xander tells Mackenzie the truth regarding his kiss with Kate. Despite the fact that neither he nor Kate are in a good place right now, she insistence that he let it go.

Xander considers the advise and asks Kate if she feels as though he is facilitating her sorrow or impeding it. She comes back later to speak, but they give in to their emotions and go to bed instead.

Xander acknowledges his mixed sadness at Jamie’s passing is motivating him to act out of character after being surprised by Rose the next morning. Xander decides that he and Kate need some space since he isn’t acting like himself.

Felicity wants justice

Felicity has a strong desire to seek justice for the man who attacked her, but the police have made no progress in identifying him.

Felicity takes matters into her own hands and storms into Cash’s office, demanding to see the video of the assault. He permits her entry but then summons Tane to stop her, which enrages Felicity even more.

Felicity believes her horror would never stop after going nowhere with the CCTV.

 Cash gets a breakthrough

Helpless Cash buries himself in work, unable to suppress his wrath over what happened to Felicity.

Eden notices what her lover is doing and begs him to take a break and return home, but Cash will not stop until he has apprehended Felicity’s attacker.

When the DNA results from Felicity’s attacker arrive, Cash hopes it will be the breakthrough he is hoping for. But what information will they reveal?

 Bree threatens Mercedes

Mercedes interrupts Bree and Remi’s alone time with shocking news: she has a direct number for superstar music producer Reuben Phillips.

Bree encourages Remi to go for it, but she can’t help but suspect Mercedes is chasing her boyfriend.

As the band begins to plan ways to impress Reuben, Eden adds to Bree’s concerns by warning that Mercedes cannot be trusted. Bree, consumed with insecurity and envy, urges Mercedes flatly to back off.

Bree is annoyed when Mercedes saves the day

Bree storms out of the house, frustrated by Remi’s inability to recognize Mercedes has feelings for him.

Mercedes questions Remi on what is more important: soothing his girlfriend or pursuing a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity, and he decides to prioritize Bree.

Kirby fills in for Remi during the meeting with Reuben Phillips, and Mercedes secures Lyrik three free studio sessions, much to Bree’s chagrin.

John moves in with Irene

Irene insists that John come to reside with her after he is released from the hospital.

Despite his protests, John soon has his feet under the table and is driving Irene insane with his relentless demands.

Irene resolves to extend her work shift in order to spend more time away from her needy companion. But when she goes home, appreciative John has a present for her that he hopes will win her back.

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