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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week What’s next in Summer Bay?

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Coming up on Home and Away, Roo and John’s lives are on the line following the bomb blast.

Elsewhere, Felicity struggles to deal with the trauma of her assault, Mercedes continues to meddle, and Kate makes a move on Xander.

Here’s a full collection of 11 big moments to watch out for.

Roo fights for her life

Mali rushes to check on Roo and John in the wake of the Stunning Organics bomb incident. They are both alive, but in severe condition and require immediate medical attention.

Mali is diagnosed with a perforated eardrum and ordered to stay out of water for a few weeks as the injured parties are transported to the hospital.

Bree is alarmed when Roo discloses that she can’t feel her legs. Bree jumps into action as her blood pressure unexpectedly drops, while Marilyn sobs, believing she is to fault.

Cash makes a sinister discovery

Cash discovers the bomb was manufactured and meant to do maximum harm at the place of the explosion. He and Rose are able to link the device to the threatening threats Marilyn has received.

Cash, who is now dealing with an attempted murder case, interviews Kirby at the police station and wants to know everything about her involvement in the Stunning Organics controversy.

Kirby is consumed by guilt, but Marilyn tries to calm her down by pointing out that no one could have predicted that a disagreement with a cosmetics firm would lead to this.

John opens his heart to Irene

Meanwhile, Irene and Marilyn remain by Roo’s bedside. Because Roo is still not breathing on her own, the doctors determine that she should be transferred to a specialised unit in the city. Marilyn is devastated by the news and pledges to seek justice for her buddy.

After the explosion, John is still in a horrible manner, but Irene refuses to leave his side.

Shaken by his close encounter with death, John reveals to Irene that he misses having someone to share his life with.

Xander supports Kate’s dream

Kate continues to rely on Xander for assistance and expresses her wish to pursue formal custody of her stepson, Timothy.

Kate admits she is frightened of upsetting Timothy’s mother and must confront the fact that she wields all authority.

Xander encourages Jamie’s widow not to give up and insists on finding a way to be in Timothy’s life.

Traumatised Felicity starts to spiral

Felicity is in a vulnerable state following her assault and avoids questions from a concerned Tane. Felicity tries to seduce him as he continues to press. Tane pushes away, sensing something is wrong in her sensitive state.

Tane’s actions, according to Felicity, are a rejection, and she accuses her husband of not wanting her.

Later at Salt, Felicity has a meltdown when she notices an unattended glass and proclaims that all customers must now purchase their own beverages.

Cash searches for the truth

With Felicity continuing to shut him out, helpless Tane turns to Cash for advice. He reveals that Bree has suggested counselling, but admits that he can’t even get Felicity to eat her breakfast.

After hearing from Eden that Felicity is terrified of losing him, Tane acts and pleads with his wife not to self-destruct. She agrees to go to counselling and Tane assures her they’ll get through this together.

Elsewhere, Cash is more determined than ever to bring his sister’s attacker to justice and starts reviewing the social media footage from Battle of the Bands, hoping he can identify the dangerous individual.

Remi receives news from Mercedes

Eden and Mercedes’s tensions are high. Remi is perplexed as to why the violinist is still in the Bay now that the Battle of the Bands is done.

Mercedes insists on being there to assist, and Remi admits Lyrik sounds better with her. Eden strikes an uneasy truce with her opponent, but it’s not long before Mercedes tries to put a wedge between Remi and Bree.

Mercedes later shocks everyone by abandoning the band’s common housing. But is her decision motivated by something else?

Andrew fears for his safety

Leah is fussing about injured Justin, but he’s more concerned about Andrew having to testify against Vita Nova members.

Leah informs Justin that she wants to ask Andrew to remain with them permanently while the couple waits for an update from Theo.

However, as Theo and Andrew return to the Bay, Andrew says that he is scared that Vita Nova is still on the loose and out to get him.

Andrew goes AWOL

When Andrew returns to the Morgan home, Leah does her best to calm him down. As night arrives, Theo discovers Andrew wandering around the home with a knife in his hand for safety.

When Andrew and the blade go missing, Theo follows him to the beach, where the distraught kid vows that he’s leaving town for the sake of his new family’s safety.

Theo alerts Justin, who refuses doctors’ advice to rest and pursues Andrew. Andrew returns home and hands over the knife after some gentle persuasion from Justin and Theo.

When Rose announces that the other members of Vita Nova will not be charged, Andrew’s calmness fades. Because the police are unable to ensure Andrew’s safety, Justin offers to install surveillance cameras around the house instead.

 Kirby turns detective

Marilyn and Kirby are waiting for an update from the police while the investigation into the explosion continues.

Kirby believes she has solved the case when she discovers that the CEO of Stunning Organics was asked to resign just weeks before the explosion.

Kirby presents her notion to Rose, believing he is the guilty culprit, and complains that the cops aren’t doing enough. Rose gets enraged and snaps back, reminding Kirby that she does not have the authority to tell her how to conduct her job.

 Kate kisses Xander

Xander is delighted to hear that Kate has taken his advice and is going to speak to Timothy’s mum about a potential access agreement.

Unfortunately, the meeting is a complete disaster and Kate is left devastated when Timothy’s mum threatens to remove all access.

She rushes straight to Xander for comfort and thanks him for being her rock. Caught in the moment, Kate goes in for a kiss with her late husband’s colleague. Will he reciprocate?

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