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16 huge new Home and Away spoilers for next week

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Next week on Home and Away, two lives hang in the balance as Tane’s stalker storyline comes to a head.

Elsewhere, Theo questions whether he has a chance with Chloe, while Nikau is left full of regret over his recent behavior.

Here’s a full collection of 16 big moments coming up.

Cash begs Detective Nasser for help

Cash’s concerns grow when Felicity goes absent for days. Detective Nasser is hesitant to give any information with Cash since he suspects him of assisting his sister in her escape. Cash rejects this and urges that they should team up to find Felicity.

Detective Nasser finally gives up and offers to release all of the evidence that the federal cops have gathered so far on Felicity.

Felicity’s whereabouts are revealed

When viewers discover Felicity strapped to a chair in an abandoned cabin, the truth behind her disappearance is revealed.

Anne is to blame for this trauma, as she needs to get out of the way now that she knows the truth about Tane’s stalker case.

Tane’s drink is spiked again

At the Parata residence, Anne pays Tane a visit. She claims that she knows where Felicity is and that she is in a bad mood and wants everyone to give her some space.

Anne spikes Tane’s drink with sedatives when he’s not looking. Anne offers to take Tane to Felicity’s place once he has completed his drink. Tane follows Anne there, concerned for Felicity and unaware that something is wrong.

Tane is held captive

Tane is becoming progressively weak due to the sedatives as he arrives at the hideout with Anne. He enters and is shocked to see Felicity bound and gagged, but it’s too late; Anne stuns him with a taser and binds him up.

When Tane returns, he discovers that when she watched him picking up other ladies at the nightclub, Anne developed an unhealthy attachment with him.

Anne then exposes her terrible plan for a grand climax, manufacturing yet another container of organophosphates and menacing Tane and Felicity with them.

Ari and Cash launch a rescue mission

Anne makes a mistake when she uses Felicity’s phone to send a message to Cash while pretending to be his sister. Cash recognizes that something isn’t quite right and employs his police resources to track down the message.

When Cash figures out who delivered the letter, he teams up with Ari, an unusual ally who is equally concerned about Tane’s sudden departure.

Ari and Cash arrive at the hut, fearful for their respective siblings, and quickly become entangled in a perilous fight with Anne.

Theo and Chloe discuss the kiss

Theo is curious as to why Chloe hasn’t informed Ryder of their recent kiss. Chloe reveals she’s worried about hurting Ryder’s feelings so soon after their breakup.

Theo makes an attempt to persuade Chloe to accept that she likes him. Chloe loses patience with Theo’s demanding attitude and confronts him about his insensitivity, asking why he kissed her when Ryder was sick in the bathroom after the chili-eating challenge.

Theo confides in Justin

Theo takes part in yet another online challenge, this time downing many vile drinks concocted by Ryder at Salt. Theo quickly realizes Ryder has stitched him up since he is superglued to the chair, which Chloe records.

To everyone’s enjoyment, Theo confronts the matter by removing his trousers and parading about Salt in his underwear.

Later, Theo tells Justin how much he likes Chloe, but he is worried that she only views him as the class clown.

Leah worries about Theo

Ryder and Theo have started filming internet prank films, and Justin and Ziggy have shown their gratitude for them.

Leah is even more critical, reminding Justin that the videos will remain online indefinitely, jeopardizing Theo’s future professional chances.

Marilyn’s changed behaviour continues

After collapsing from a delayed reaction to organophosphate poisoning, Marilyn’s personality appeared to have changed overnight. She stays at Irene’s house but is dissatisfied with everything from the bedding to the tea Irene prepared for her.

Marilyn also goes shopping with Irene, which turns disastrous when she loses tolerance with a business that does not serve her quickly enough. Marilyn makes a scene by leaving the store without paying for an item.

Later, when Jasmine discloses Cash’s issues, Marilyn may be taking things too far when she answers by reminding her of her poor relationship decisions in the past.

Irene is hurt by Marilyn’s insensitivity

When Marilyn returns home with a bottle of booze, things at Irene’s house go much worse. Because of her past issues with alcoholism, Irene requires that no alcohol be consumed at her home.

Marilyn claims that she requires the brandy to aid her sleep and sees no reason why she should be denied it due to Irene. Irene is taken aback by her lack of comprehension.

Irene tries to lay down the law

Irene is adamant that keeping alcohol in the house will jeopardize her rehabilitation, so she pours Marilyn’s bottle of brandy down the sink. She points out how out of character Marilyn is for attempting to seduce her in this way.

Irene gets even more disturbed when she sees Marilyn flirting with Detective Nasser at the Diner while he’s trying to work. Irene observes that Marilyn is not her typical self, but Marilyn claims that no one is used to her sticking up for herself.

Mia shares her upsetting past with Ari

When Mia receives texts and phone calls from a man from her past, she becomes noticeably frightened. She informs Ari that Chloe’s father, Matthew, has contacted her.

Ari inquires as to why Mia is so concerned about this. Mia tells him the truth, revealing that she didn’t give Matthew her approval on the night Chloe was born. Mia is disturbed to hear from Matthew for the first time in 20 years, and she wants to keep Matthew away from Chloe.

Nikau regrets his behaviour

When Nikau learns that Anne was Tane’s stalker, he is taken aback. He regrets falsely accusing Felicity for so long and launching an internet hate campaign against her, especially since it worked in Anne’s favor while she was attempting to cover her tracks.

Nikau wishes to apologize to Felicity, but Ari advises him to keep away from her while she recovers. Bella applauds Nikau for doing the right thing by deleting all of his social media accounts.

Nikau tries to have a fresh start

Now that everything has returned to normal, Nikau and Bella resolve to look for new careers. Nikau is persuaded by John to train as a beach lifeguard.

Nikau has some concerns about the task ahead of him, which are exacerbated when he becomes overwhelmed by the quantity of theory he must master as part of his training.

Nikau becomes obnoxious throughout John’s instruction as his attention wanes. The tension between them grows to the point where Nikau drops out of the course entirely.

 Bella’s new beginning also goes badly

Bella approaches Mac and wants him to recruit her at Salt. Mac hesitantly agrees, however she is concerned that they would spend too much time together because they will be living and working together.

Bella’s waitressing skills are lacking, as she makes a number of errors. When Mac grants Bella an early finish to avoid any more disturbance at the restaurant, Logan watches Mac treading carefully.

Dean is scared to drive again

Dean completes another step in his comeback when he climbs to the top of the Salt stairwell. The topic then shifts to when Dean will be able to drive again, but Logan notes that he is afraid to bring it up.

Later, when Logan tries to take him for a test drive, Dean panics. Dean explains that he is afraid to drive now that he has been in two catastrophic vehicle accidents.

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