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8 soap opera spoilers this week: Coronation Street tragedy, Emmerdale Dan’s destiny, and EastEnders baby shock

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For the characters in our individual soap operas, a new week means plenty of drama, including significant surprises and important decisions.

While Sarah Platt is rushed to the hospital in Coronation Street following a gender reveal party with a big surprise in store, Sonia Fowler wonders whether she might be pregnant in EastEnders.

Dan Spencer’s day in court arrives in Emmerdale, and the verdict shocks everyone, especially Amelia, who is completely taken aback by what happens.

Will she and Joel Dexter ever be able to agree to disagree after the recent events? Donna-Marie Quinn is seen being transported to the hospital in Hollyoaks when the Lomax home catches fire.

I must make decisions.

The top 10 must-see scenes in this week’s soap operas have been chosen by Metro.co.uk for a detailed look at what to expect.

Secret plans for Anna in EastEnders

Gina is questioned about missing money at The Vic, but it turns out that Anna stole the money to pay a private detective to look for her mother “Rose” after all. Gina is furious, but Anna carries out her plan, and George later discovers what she is up to. In response to her father’s plea, Anna consents to stop the search—but not before the private eye solves the case!

Sarah in Coronation Street was brought to the hospital.

Sarah is shocked when Adam prepares a gender reveal party. The situation, however, changes, and Sarah is left pleading with Adam to speak to her in an attempt to rescue her marriage. Sarah suddenly experiences stomach pain as she is transported to the hospital as Adam berates her for her falsehoods. Adam is appalled and jumps to Sarah’s side when he learns she is not acting out her grief.

Emmerdale features a move by Gabby towards Billy.

When Gabby sees Nicky and Suni sharing a passionate kiss in the cafe, the two become miserable. After becoming intoxicated, Gabby confronts Nicky about what she saw, lashing out and trying to punch him, but instead hitting Billy! He comforts her, Billy. However, as Gabby leans in for a kiss, she gets the short end of the stick! Gabby’s stare lingers on Billy for a little too long despite his assurances to remain silent.

EastEnders is where Freddie finds his father.

After Bert and Ernie’s party, Freddie makes the decision that he wants to find his father and insists on Kat telling him the truth about who his father is. In order to protect Little Mo, Kat lies, but Tommy subsequently overhears his mother discussing the situation with Harvey and Jean, prompting Tommy to tell Freddie that his father is Graham Foster. Graham is located by Freddie, who meets with him, much to the chagrin of his family.

Jenny is concerned about the Rovers’ future on Coronation Street.

Jenny confides in Stephen that she is struggling as she becomes worried about the Rovers’ financial situation. Before disclosing that she is raising pricing and room rentals in addition to shortening the staff members’ shifts, the landlady adopts Stephen’s advice to lower portion sizes.

Dan in Emmerdale enters a guilty plea

Amelia is shocked when Julie, Lloyd’s wife, arrives at the courthouse as Dan’s hearing is about to start. Dan looks at Julie and, overcome with sorrow over what has happened, enters a guilty plea, much to Amelia’s horror.

In EastEnders, Sonia suspects she might be pregnant.

Sonia confides in Whitney that she has missed her period and that she may be pregnant. Reiss tries to schedule a lunch date to apologise for his earlier insensitivity regarding Sonia’s feelings towards Debbie, but he unintentionally causes trouble when he discusses his unfavourable opinions on having children while intoxicated and uninformed of Sonia’s dilemma.

Sunita reappears on Coronation Street from the afterlife?

Bernie and Paul join the Alahan family for a special meal in Sunita’s honour, where they all pose for a picture. Bernie, on the other hand, notes that Asha in the image has a bubble of light hanging over her, indicating that it might be a human spirit. Dev quickly refutes such a claim.

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