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After a warning concerning Stephen Reid, Peter Barlow’s resignation from Coronation Street was “sealed.”

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Peter Barlow of Coronation Street has been on the cobbles since 2000 and has experienced some gruesome storylines, but he will shortly depart Weatherfield.

Chris Gascoyne’s character Peter Barlow from Coronation Street is expected to become involved in Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) murder of Rufus Donahue (Steve Meo), which could lead to a plot point for his exit.

Prior to being killed by Stephen, Rufus misplaced his watch in Peter’s taxi, which the icon subsequently discovered.

The expensive and valuable item was pawned by Peter to raise money for Carla Connor’s (Alison King’s) rehab facility rather than being placed in the lost and found and waiting to be picked up.

The two were unaware that Stephen was surreptitiously giving Carla LSD so she would believe her psychosis had returned and would be forced to sell her interests in Underworld.

Official spoilers now indicate that Peter starts to suspect Stephen and may either be the serial killer’s next victim or his undoing.

In upcoming scenes, Lou Donahue (Eleanor Howell) shows up for her appointment and informs Carla and Stephen that the police have agreed to check into the mysterious tie pin and the missing watch.

Her hotel key is stolen by Stephen, who then sets out to find the tie pin before it’s too late.

He hears Peter talking to the pawnbroker over Peter’s shoulder, and the cab driver subsequently admits to Stephen that he pawned the watch but that it has already been sold.

Later, when Lou is in the plant, Stephen enters her hotel room and begins searching through her possessions. He eventually finds Lou’s tie pin and puts it in his pocket.

He is startled to hear someone at the bedroom door as he is about to leave. Will he be apprehended?

Peter warns Carla to be wary of Stephen since he can’t be trusted, and he soon starts to suspect that he was responsible for the death of Rufus.

Lou shows up at the factory for a meeting but discloses that her true motivation is to track down the person who took the tie pin. Stephen, has he been rumbled?

Will Stephen assert that Peter also stole the tie pin from her room now that Peter has admitted to selling the watch?

Will Peter run away to avoid being punished for a crime he didn’t commit? Or will he collaborate with the cops to end Stephen’s life for good?

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