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After Gabby “exits,” Emmerdale viewers beg a “hopeless” character to “run away.”

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On Tuesday night, Gabby Thomas—a staple of Emmerdale—dropped a bombshell by telling Amy Wyatt and Dawn Taylor she was leaving the Dales to travel to Portugal.

After Tuesday night’s episode of Emmerdale, viewers have asked for Amelia Spencer (played by Daisy Campbell) to quit the ITV soap.

Following Gabby Thomas’ (Rosie Bentham) announcement that she was travelling to Portugal to “get away for a bit,” Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) reacted.

Since her father got into difficulty with the police, Amelia has also been making plans to leave the village.

Following the hospital death of Amelia’s stalker, the young mother persuaded Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) that they had to go.

Dan finally convinced his daughter that he didn’t want to do time in prison for punching Lloyd (Matt Sutton) to death.

Dan responded, “We should do it,” and Amelia inquired, “What do you mean?”

“Run away,” the mechanic advised. I find it unbearable to consider being apart from you.

Amelia continued, “Please tell me you’re being serious about this.”

I don’t think I’m cut out for prison, and that’s the only way we can stay together, Dan admitted.

However, after the episode, a lot of fans pleaded with Amelia to “run away” on Twitter.

“#emmerdale,” grumbled @BrightonTina7. I kindly ask you, Amelia, to take Gabby with you if you do decide to flee. (sic)

Get lost Amelia! #Emmerdale, yelled @JordanPhelps21.

At the same time, @SupremeD14 tweeted, “Amelia is hopeless #emmerdale.”

“Do one Amelia, go away Amelia, run away and don’t come back,” wrote @itzzzo_. #Emmerdale.”

@doveuu continued “I genuinely find Amelia revolting. Aside from herself, has she ever thought of anyone else? She has been whining and being so self-absorbed for far too long. Until she leaves #Emmerdale, time out.

“#emmerdale Time to get insanely irritated by Amelia!,” tweeted @BrightonTina7.

Dan and Amelia will be covered if going on the run means getting rid of them, according to @ChrisHydeCoope1. #emmerdale.”

“Can they write Amelia out???,” questioned @D4N7O. Such a damp squib! #Emmerdale is fml. (sic)

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