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As a “corrupt” villager brutally devastates Amelia Spencer, Emmerdale’s end is “sealed.”

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Amelia Spencer will go to all lengths to protect her father Dan Spencer since she fears he will be imprisoned on Emmerdale.

Viewers of Emmerdale are sure that Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill), who encouraged Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) to accuse Lloyd Sawyer (Matt Sutton) of sexual assault, is attempting to ruin Spencer’s life.

During Tuesday’s ITV soap opera episode, @TwellyWatcher tweeted: “More @emmerdale tomorrow. Will Amelia actually carry through her plan to charge Lloyd with attacking her?The outcome won’t be good… #Emmerdale.”

“#Emmerdale, Amelia that is so going to go wrong,” Tani said in warning.

Oh no no, #Emmerdale, this is a terrible idea, Liam warned his fans.

Sarah proposes a horrible idea, and Amelia agrees since she believes it’s a brilliant one. As Amelia passes out, Sarah will turn around and claim that she tried to persuade her out of it, even though it was her corrupt idea for #emmerdale.

“Amelia, ‘It’s not as if it’s a big lie,'” Owen added. Only sexual assault is being discussed. And with that, Amelia moves up the list of terrible characters. Way to go, Amelia!! #Emmerdale.

In response to the circumstance, Emma said: “Sarah and Amelia are actually disgusting #Emmerdale.”

Lloyd did not sexually assault Amelia when he was stalking the teen behind his wife’s back.

After being hit in the face recently by Amelia’s father Dan Spencer (Liam Fox), Lloyd is currently battling for his life in the hospital.

Amelia was met by Lloyd’s wife in Tuesday’s episode of Emmerdale, who informed the adolescent that her husband is not going to awaken from his coma.

When Sarah recommended that Amelia lie about Lloyd sexually assaulting her, Amelia exploded in a fit of rage.

Later, Sarah seemed to change her mind because she was concerned Amelia would follow through on the deception, but is this all part of a sinister scheme to destroy her life?

Maybe Sarah isn’t really Amelia’s best friend after all, and she just wants to bring her down.

Will Amelia follow through with the deception, given that it appears she will do whatever it takes to spare her father from serving time in prison?

How would Sarah feel if Amelia was found guilty of perjury and imprisoned?

Who will watch over baby Esther on the ITV soap if Dan and Amelia are both imprisoned?

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