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Can Someone Else On General Hospital Have Sex Besides Jex?

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GH needs to spread the love around.

For love in the afternoon, General Hospital ought to be the starting point. After all, it’s the lone remaining soap on the network that, through a clever advertising effort in the 1980s, popularized the expression. But unless you’re Josslyn and Dex, a couple who never seem to do anything but have sex, love in the afternoon seems to have vanished in Port Charles.

General Hospital Takes Chaste To New Heights

When soaps resumed production in 2020 after the COVID break, it made sense to postpone love scenes or to suggest that couples were having sex but not actually depict it. On GH, we observed numerous camera pans to candles as the show went dark, while on The Bold and the Beautiful, stand-ins included blow-up dolls and performers’ real-life partners. On soap operas, nevertheless, love scenes are once again prevalent. It’s unfortunate that the only couple who usually receives them in Port Charles is Josslyn and Dex (Eden McCoy and Evan Hofer).

Even though Joss was sexually assaulted with revenge porn a little over a year ago and hasn’t experienced any lasting psychological effects that could have been explored, it’s nice that they have a healthy sexual relationship, but they shouldn’t be the only characters we see enjoying that aspect of their relationship.

After a far more experienced pair, Anna (Finola Hughes) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), made out for the first time last year, we know GH is eager to test the limits with love scenes. Their first encounter was far less ambiguous than we had anticipated, yet it was nonetheless passionate, erotic, and fun. A montage of love scenes starring Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton), Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Nina (Cynthia Watros), and Mac (John J. York) and Felicia (Kristina Wagner) was also shown last fall.

Even though all three of those partnerships are currently together, we never see them cuddling up in bed. Jex is never seen outside of his bed or couch. They even had a public sunscreen application sequence with a romantic backing track to remind us that they are the only couple in Port Charles who can enjoy one another in the biblical sense. These two have sex as the defining characteristic of their relationship (with little else).

GH Love In The Afternoon Opportunities Abound

With some entertaining sequences by the pool, GH brought to mind how seductive Chase and Brook Lynn can be. Chase was made to strip off and take a skinny dipping challenge when the two were out on a romantic date. By the next episode, we were expecting them to take it to the bedroom, but they were unhappily nowhere to be found. Instead, Jex had more sex with her after telling her all about discovering a dead body in the hospital’s alley.

With their fans clamoring for it, Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and Trina (Tabyana Ali) have yet to consummate their relationship. It has been almost two years since Sonny and Nina had a full love scene and almost a year since Anna and Valentin’s night in her townhouse. Josslyn and Dex started a sexual relationship after only getting to know each other for approximately six months, so it seems odd that more than two years later, their younger set counterpart has only exchanged a few chaste kisses. Although both couples have ardent supporters, only one of them is permitted to display their support on camera.

While some well-known couples linger without romance week after week and month after month, Josslyn’s mother at least had a love scene with Drew before he left for prison.

General Hospital Can Fix The Problem

There is a simple cure for this condition. For the pairings that viewers adore, provide more love scenes. It’s not that difficult, and GH ought to be prepared. Liz La Mura, the soap’s intimacy coordinator, spoke with Soap Hub in January and shared details on how she choreographs love scenes. Give her more love scenes to help bring the story to life so that romantic afternoons thrive all over Port Charles rather than only on Dex Heller’s couch.

Weekdays, ABC broadcasts General Hospital. For airtimes, check your neighborhood listings. Check out the most recent GH spoilers for more information about what will happen in Port Charles, and go here for a detailed look at the show’s history.

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