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Charles Anderson, the actor of Emmerdale, is ‘eager’ to reveal his character’s darker side.

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Since joining the ITV serial in 2020, Charles Anderson of Emmerdale has gained a following in the community. Charles is regarded as one of the good characters in the Yorkshire Dales-based program since he is the amiable vicar.

In upcoming episodes of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, vicar Charles Anderson (played by Kevin Mathurin) might exhibit a less likeable side of himself.

While he is well-known to his followers as the cheerful village vicar, Victor Anderson (Eddie Osei), has recently returned, and this has caused him some difficulty.

Victor has been attempting to get in touch with Charles and his estranged wife, Claudette Anderson (Flo Wilson), ever since he just reconnected with his kid after a protracted period in jail.

Charles is hesitant to give his father another chance, and the tension may reveal a new “side” of the vicar, according to actor Kevin.

The actor teased Digital Spy, saying, “I am very excited, extremely excited.”

The spectator hasn’t seen other dynamics or aspects of Charles in the past few years, he continued.

“Charles loves his job and is very family-oriented and kind.

You’re going to reveal a side of him that he doesn’t like with those folks, though.

Kevin said Charles will never believe his father Victor has improved, explaining that Charles only wants to “protect his mother.”

Could Charles go to great lengths to keep his mother safe from Victor?

Victor is back on the scene and is aware of what will happen, he continued to say in his interview.

“He wants to put a stop to it before it repeats itself. However, as you can see from the thus far airings, it is happening once more.

Could he try to remove his father from the picture for good, determined not to let anyone get injured by Victor’s actions?

To save his family, Charles can resort to drastic methods, like trying to kill Victor.

Fans certainly can’t fathom the vicar harbouring such a sinister side, but it seems the character may have further facets that haven’t yet been revealed.

Charles might lose it if Victor hangs around and tries to persuade his son that he has changed.

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