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Christmas murder victim ‘worked out’ by EastEnders viewers, and it’s neither Theo or Keanu

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The identification of the victim of the Christmas Day murder is the question on every EastEnders fan’s mind. While Theo Hawthrone or Keanu Taylor are mentioned in numerous speculations, some ideas have focused on some unexpected personalities.

Since the BBC soap aired a flash-forward scene, EastEnders viewers have been guessing about who the potential victims could be on Christmas Day. Now Jack Branning’s (Scott Maslen) name has been added to the list.

Fans can rest assured that a man’s body is lying dead on The Vic’s floor this Christmas.

One notion puts forward the suggestion that police officer Jack may be the victim, despite the fact that some think Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis) and Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters)’s recent difficulty means one of them may be killed in retaliation.

Given that one of the six ladies gathered around the body in the pub is Jack’s wife Denise Fox (Diane Parish), it wouldn’t be entirely unexpected for Jack to be embroiled in the drama that is about to unfold.

The potential was explained by Reddit member lookatwherethisgotus, who wrote: “The body will be a BIG character.

“The person participating will also be in the LEAST visible way.

Furthermore, they ALWAYS give departing major characters a tonne of screen time and opportunities to connect with other characters. Jack Branning is the only person they have been subtly manipulating.

The fan continued by outlining potential connections and goals that the six women might have.

“In terms of the victims,” they said, He will seek full custody of the child, especially after he learns (via his job) that Stacey has allowed a stalker into the house (Theo), among other things (money problems, just fans, etc.). Stacey (Slater, Lacey Turner) – He will want full custody of the child. Stacey will stop at nothing to keep her children safe. (sic)

“Linda (Carter, Bright) – Perhaps it has to do with Annie/Max Brannig (Jake Wood) and making sure Max is aware of her after developing sympathy for the Lily (Slater, Lilia Turner) baby predicament.

Denise, the large one, has been the source of numerous issues for a long time.

“I predict Denise will try to meddle with Jack’s job once more to get Ravi (Gulati, Aaron Thiara) off for Chelsea’s (Fox, Zaraah Abrahams) sake. Countless factors could be at play if Denise is involved.

“Suki (Panesar, Balvinder Sopal) will be exposed for trying to assault Ravi/Nish (Panesar, Navin Chowdhry)/Vinny (Panesar, Shiv Jalota),” the line reads.

He might purchase the chippy and/or get into trouble with Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins), according to Kathy (Beale, Gillian Taylforth), and Ian (Beale, Adam Woodyatt). not yet appeared on screen.

Letitia Dean’s Sharon Watts: I’m not sure yet. Most likely a business matter, or maybe she’s resisting him for Linda’s sake.

Given that Jack or members of Jack’s family appear to be involved in some way with each of the women, the notion may be plausible.

Could Jack become this Christmas’s improbable victim?

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