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Coronation Street films shock kidnap for Kelly Neelan ahead of show exit

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Will Kelly be killed off?

Unsettling kidnapping news will be revealed on Coronation Street for Kelly Neelan.

It was announced earlier this month that Millie Gibson, who has played Kelly on the serial opera since 2019, would leave in the fall.

Future scenes appear to indicate that the teenager’s situation would deteriorate once more as she is abducted by a gang while out on a night out.

Kelly can be seen being held by two men in black in photos that were obtained by Digital Spy. One of the men has one arm around Kelly’s neck and one hand is placed over her mouth.

Kelly is seen attempting to escape from one of the men in another picture, but it’s unclear what will happen next. Will she be able to get away? Or will Gibson’s exit mean that Kelly could be murdered off?

Kelly had been abducted before; in fact, her late father Rick’s (Greg Wood) associates once held her against her will.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, Kelly might find out before she retires that her loan shark father Rick was murdered by Gary Windass, her surrogate father (Mikey North).

Gibson talked on Kelly’s redemption storyline earlier this month, emphasizing that her character is committed to making right for Rick.

She said, “She always believes in second chances, so I know it won’t rescue the individuals who are too late, but it could save the ones who still have a chance.”

She is making every effort to turn the situation around.

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