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EastEnders: Eve should support Suki with her plan to take down Nish, fans beg

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Eve gave Suki an ultimatum

Yesterday episode of EastEnders (Tuesday, June 4), saw Eve find out about Suki and Vinny’s plot to reclaim the Panesar empire.

Eve wanted Nish out of their lives and told Suki that she must stop plotting if she wished to stay with her.

EastEnders fans have now slammed Eve’s behaviour and have sided with Suki and Vinny over the matter.

EastEnders: Eve found out about Suki’s plan

Viewers of EastEnders will know that Suki and Vinny have teamed up to attempt to reclaim the Panesar empire.

With Vinny getting close to his dying father – Nish – Eve has become concerned that he has forgiven him for everything bad he’s done.

Last night, after Eve shared her concerns with Suki, Suki had no choice but to let her in on their plans.

Eve was livid that they had been conspiring behind her back, unhappy that Nish was still in their life.

She then told Suki that she had a decision to make – she must choose to either be with her or take Nish’s money. She couldn’t have both…

EastEnders fans slam Eve for lack of support for Suki plan

Fans of the BBC soap believe that Eve should support Suki’s plan to take down Nish after everything he did to them, and have failed to defend her decision to give Suki an ultimatum…

One fan demanded: “Stay out of it Eve. Suki knows what she’s doing!!”

Another fan wrote: “I BEG EVE, SHUT UP PLEASE.”

A third viewer asked: “Sorry but there is no way Eve would ever give Suki an ultimatum – what the [bleep] was that today?”

A final person added: “Sukeve having their first major argument… Eve giving her an ultimatum…  I hope Eve comes to understand and supports Suki in the end.”

What decision will Suki make?

Eve has made her feelings towards Suki and Vinny’s plan pretty clear but Suki’s desperate to bring Nish down.

Can she talk Eve round? Or, will she actually have to choose between her partner and her family empire? What will she pick if it comes down to it?

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