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Coronation Street spoilers: Adam is furious and distraught when he learns Damon is the father.

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After learning of Sarah Platt’s (Tina O’Brien) extramarital affair, Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) has desperately tried to keep things together in Coronation Street. However, the adored character is poised to crumble after discovering that Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths) is actually the father of his wife’s child.

Adam believed for a while that the Damon situation was fully resolved after Sarah appeared to confirm that he was the father of her kid. Unfortunately, Sarah has been letting Adam think that because he misinterpreted her during a conversation, but that isn’t the case.

Adam expressed suspicion in a recent episode of the ITV soap opera when the sonographer suggested that Sarah get tested for genetic disorders. Sarah was filled with fear even though Gail (Helen Worth) and Adam insisted they had nothing to be concerned about because the findings might show that her unborn child inherited a sickness from Damon’s side of the family.

Adam made the decision to get in touch with the DNA clinic and request official confirmation after recognising his wife’s concern. While Sarah waited for him to open the letter in the apartment, Adam decided to do so.

The letter claimed that Adam is the father, but Stephen (Todd Boyce), who subsequently admitted to forging the letter and destroyed the original, revealed the truth to Sarah.

Sarah is on edge as a new week begins after discovering more missed calls from Damon. She is also alarmed by Adam’s reserved conduct, but Stephen reassures her that Adam has a surprise gender reveal planned.

Sarah opens her balloon box to announce the baby’s gender as the Barlows and Platts arrive at the restaurant for the celebration.

When Sarah tries to engage Adam in discussion later on in the week, he lashes out at her for all the lies, so it looks that is the point when things start to go bad for her.

After that, she experiences stomach pain and hurries to the hospital. Given the events at the baby shower, will Adam be there to support her?

Will the couple’s circumstances ever be the same?

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