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Coronation Street spoilers: Eliza receives startling news from Stu, putting her in jeopardy.

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Eliza is still getting used to life with her grandad on Coronation Street when Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) gives her some distressing news.

After Eliza’s mother was detained for murder, Stu was given custody of Eliza. Soon after we first met Stu, it became clear that he had spent more than 25 years in prison for the murder of a young woman named Charlie.

Bridget, his daughter, found out that Stu was having an affair with Charlie while she was a teenager.

Bridget ultimately killed Charlie but let Stu take the blame, putting him in jail for a significant portion of his life for a murder he did not commit.

When the truth came out, Bridget received a prison sentence, and Eliza was left to fend for herself because her mother Lucy had been complicit in the murder’s cover-up.

Thankfully, social services permitted Stu to begin caring for the little child, but he will soon face another challenging task when he must inform Eliza that her mother has been sent to a prison in the North East, meaning she will see her even less.

As Yasmeen (Shelley King), who has admitted that she has been spending too much time with Roy (David Neilson), tries to mend her relationship with Stu towards the conclusion of the week, neither of them are aware that Eliza is receiving a covert video call from a man by the name of Dom.

Who is he, though?

Is Eliza at risk?

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