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Death in Paradise’s Tobi Bakare admits he ‘would have stayed’ in series because of co-star

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DEATH IN PARADISE favourite Tobi Bakare admitted he “would have stayed” in the show to be with one of his co-stars for a little longer.

Death in Paradise, a popular BBC crime drama, featured Tobi, 33, as JP Hooper. In episode 10 of the show, his character recently said the exotic Saint Marie farewell; he is now no longer a part of it. Tobi recently reflected on his decision to leave and said to co-star Tahj Miles, who plays officer Marlon Pryce, that he would have stayed “another year” because of him, even though it had been made clear the character would be leaving before the episode aired. Throughout series 10, the two collaborated, and the actors were familiar with one another. Marlon had a criminal past, which gave their characters a difficult start, but it was decided he would join the police force as he tried to change his life.

JP was originally upset when Marlon joined the squad, but by the end of the show, the two had resolved their issues.

Off-screen, the two are much closer, and Tobi recently admitted that Tahj was the reason he would have liked to have stayed on the program.

Tobi spoke out to his friend about getting to work with him on Death in Paradise in Tahj Miles’ YouTube video The Table Read.
He said, “Man, it was wonderful. I had a great time working with you, I can’t lie to you about that.
The actor said, “You know, it’s well-documented online that I knew I was going to leave Death in Paradise before I left.
But for you, I would have stayed an extra year.

Tahj asked, “Really?” with a touched expression. “You were the one that sparked the dispute in between me leaving,” Tobi retorted.

Wow, said a surprised Tahj, obviously moved by the effect he had on his friend.
Because we identified the flow, the detective movie star continued. Do you understand what I mean? I was worried that leaving would ruin everything, but I decided against it because I had to leave.

Tahj continued, “I feel like there was a beginning, middle, and end for one season. “It appeared to be fully developed. Although it may have been expanded, I believe that the season we had was not even a full season. I only watched the second episode, so yeah, but I thought it was good.
Tahj is essentially stating that I left at the perfect time and that he no longer needs me, Tobi laughed.
Who is the actor from Death in Paradise, Kris Marshall’s wife?
The performer laughed and replied, “Yeah, but no, that series 10…”
I recall series 10, though; those tiny flourishes here and there really made it.

a really unique time of year.

It was quite enjoyable. He said, turning to face Tobi, “You are missed.”

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