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EastEnders: Cindy and Junior sleeping together was wrong, fans complain

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Cindy betrayed Ian…

Yesterday on EastEnders (Tuesday, June 4), Ian set up a romantic dinner for himself and Cindy but she was more interested in getting George back.

With George telling Cindy to leave, she then turned her attention towards his son Junior.

EastEnders fans have now been left sickened after Cindy and Junior slept together.

EastEnders: Cindy cheated on Ian with Junior

Last night in Walford, Ian arranged a romantic dinner for Cindy after failing to make things up to her by buying her some reduced flowers.

However, Cindy was a no show as she enjoyed spending some time with George in The Vic.

It wasn’t long before Cindy started flirting with her ex and begging for him to take her back.

George told Cindy that he loved Elaine and showed her the way out, with Junior watching on from the distance.

Being rejected by George, Cindy then started kissing his son Junior whilst answering Ian’s phone call and telling him she’d be back home in an hour.

EastEnders fans grossed out by Cindy and Junior behaviour

With Cindy and Junior sleeping together (when Junior was technically her stepson at one point), fans have been left feeling sick after watching these scenes.

One EastEnders viewer shared: “Cindy and Junior is just plain wrong.”

Another fan added: “I knew it was coming but I couldn’t hold back my scream when Junior and Cindy started kissing. This is so nasty.”

A third person commented: “All I have to say with the Cindy & Junior situation is… Cindy has cheated on Ian with not one but TWO men! Her ex and her ex’s SON! Imagine the fallout from this when this comes out on both sides. Not just for Junior but for Cindy too. WHAT A TWISTED MESS!”

What’s to come for Cindy and Junior?

Well, Cindy’s just slept with Junior after using him as a rebound following George’s rejection. And, she really doesn’t seem to care about her actual partner Ian at all.

Meanwhile, Junior is actually married with a child. With so many people involved, will the truth about Cindy and Junior come out?

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