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EastEnders exit for Rainie Highway after she suffers a tragic loss?

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Since her first appearance in 2007 as the troubled sister of established character Tanya Branning, Rainie (played by Tanya Franks) has been a pillar of the EastEnders community (Jo Joyner). Since then, she has been at the center of several major plotlines on the BBC soap, including her drug addiction, sleeping with Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) on the night his daughter was murdered, marrying her brother-in-law Max Branning (Jake Wood), and now being the wife of former villain Stuart Beale (Ricky Champ). Though the undertaker has had a difficult few months after learning he has breast cancer and refusing to notify his wife since he didn’t want her to be concerned. However, it appears that she may lose him anyway, and, unable to bear the notion of living her life without him, she may decide to leave Walford.

Stuart’s secret was ultimately revealed on Friday night’s episode after he accused his wife of having an affair with Mick Carter (Danny Dyer).

The undertaker realized he was completely wrong in front of the entire pub, and his quarrel with Rainie spilled out into the Square.

Rainie stated that she thought her husband had been distant from her for some time and sought to know what was going on with him when they confronted each other.

Stuart revealed the truth with the help of Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy), and his wife embraced him, promising to stand with him through the next step of his journey.

Tanya, who plays Rainie, talked about how she feels like she’s “running out of time” to aid her husband in advance of the future scenes.

“She has no idea where he’s gone, he’s actually done a ran,” the soap star revealed. He’s all over the place right now, and she’s attempting to track him down.

“He’s squeezing out from under her nose, and she has no idea what his next move will be.” He wants to avoid the procedure, she knows.

“Her greatest fear is that the longer he runs, the more time they waste.” It’s about him, but it’s also about him becoming a father to their unborn kid.

“It’s all about the broader picture.” She’s scared to death. Let us remember what she is going through right now.”

“She has no idea where Abi is in the world,” Tanya said. “She has a kid developing within a woman she doesn’t see, and she’s now in danger of losing the father of that baby and her husband, whom she loves more than everything in the world.”

“Rainie is dealing with three major losses right now,” the actress noted, adding that she expects Rainie to struggle with her emotions.

When Rainie was younger, she would have turned to drugs when she was depressed, and she would have gone down a very dark path.

However, in the last four years, the beloved figure has grown significantly stronger, and she will need to flee the situation to protect herself.

Stuart’s death could be the final straw, as she realizes she can’t keep torturing herself if he isn’t going to return.

As a result, she might inform Callum Highway (Tony Clay) that she is going to see her surrogate, Bernadette Taylor (Clair Norris).

Knowing that the young woman is currently living with her brother Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) outside of Walford, Rainie may see this as an ideal opportunity to visit her kid.

Unfortunately, Stuart could return just as she departs and inform his brother that he is ready to begin his therapy with his wife at his side.

Callum would have to explain that he’s too late since he caused his wife so much grief that she had to leave the Square to concentrate on herself.

Will Rainie ever return? Could this be the end of the adored couple as Stuart’s actions generate a major gulf between them?

Tanya has also spoken about how it felt for her alter-ego to learn the truth about her husband’s secrecy and the anguish he has been in.

“It was a definite shock,” the actress recalled, “but I think her first port of call was understanding and caring for him.”

“Because Rainie knew he couldn’t tell her because he didn’t know how.” So, yeah, there was some shock at first, but it was shortly followed by being there for him and consoling him.

“Her thoughts also went to them as a family, as they’re expecting a kid.” It’s primarily concerned with the family unit.”

Talking about Rainie’s biggest fear, she added: “She’s completely fearful as his wife.”

“She’s fearful for him, for the whole family unit, she can’t bear the thought of the potential of him not being around,” the actress added.

“She’s really scared. She sees quite quickly that he has to remain the strong one and really guide him and coax him into moving this forward and getting treatment.”

When Stuart finally told his wife the truth about his secret on Friday night, viewers were left in tears, with Michelle noting on Twitter, “What a beautiful and devastating sequence.” “Bless Stuart and Rainie, I wanted to give them a hug.”

“I was in tears,” Melissa wrote. Guys, you did a fantastic job acting. As a breast cancer survivor, I understand how difficult it is to break the news to your loved ones. Especially since the patient is a man with breast cancer. EastEnders has a fantastic narrative.”

Emma added: “Gosh @RickyChamp1 @TanyaFranksRuns you were both outstanding tonight, I just wanna give Stuart a great big hug right now #EastEnders.”

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