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EastEnders spoilers for next week: Character returns after six years and Freddie ‘exit’

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EastEnders will make a big comeback next week on BBC One, while another former character will reconcile with her son. A character will make a brief appearance on the broadcast, while a Walford resident’s heartbreaking secret will be revealed.

After a devastating discovery regarding his parentage, Freddie Slater returns to his mother Little Mo, desperate for answers. Ben Mitchell’s eating disorder is revealed as he continues to struggle with his trauma.

Meanwhile, a soap star is ready to reconcile with a former flame as they return to Walford after six years apart. Here are the greatest EastEnders moments coming up next week…

Freddie reunites with Little Mo

Freddie Slater will reconcile with his mother Little Mo next week, with signs of the latter character’s reappearance. Following a distressing discovery, Freddie will leave Walford to visit his mother.

It’s unclear whether Little Mo will appear on screen, but spoilers imply Freddie left Walford to see her, and fans are hoping for a return at some time.

After learning the truth about his father’s identity, Freddie want to talk with his mother. He seeks answers after understanding what transpired between his mother and father in this week’s scenes.

Ben’s secret revealed

Character returns

Next week on EastEnders, Ben Mitchell will open up to his loved ones about his secret battle with his mental health. While some neighbors are aware of his recent struggles, they are unaware that Ben is privately suffering an eating disorder.

Viewers discovered Ben was suffering from bulimia earlier this year, while he was still dealing with grief from his sexual tragedy last year. He was still coming to terms with what had occurred to him when his good friend Lola Pearce, the mother of his daughter Lexi, died after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Ben had been disguising his eating condition, his actual grief for Lola, and his rape trauma before to Lola’s death. Ben was assaulted by bartender Lewis last year, yet Lewis got away with it, only to strike again somewhere.

Ben was alerted when Lewis was arrested and accused with another rape. The news put Ben into a tailspin, as it reminded him of what had occurred to him months before.

This, his bottled-up trauma, and his hidden eating condition have left him struggling to cope in recent scenes, but few characters have realized what is truly going on. Ben has been called out by loved ones for his behavior since Lola’s death, with them failing to see the true extent of the Mitchells’ suffering.

Next week’s spoilers state that one resident becomes concerned for Ben after observing how he behaves around food, and a second concerned resident subsequently approaches him. Honey Mitchell, who battled bulimia two years ago, noticed Ben’s decrease of appetite.

She attempts to persuade Ben to open up, worried for his mental health as she relates her own bulimia experiences. Ben, on the other hand, lashes out at her and orders her to go. Ben sobs alone, while Honey confides her anxieties in Ben’s husband Callum Highway the next day. Ben believes she has revealed everything and lashes out at her once more, this time in front of his shocked family.

But when the two go out for coffee, Ben explains what’s going on as Honey urges him to let Callum in. Ben resumes his cleansing after a painful conversation with his father, Phil Mitchell. Callum returns home early and finds Ben, but when Callum attempts to talk to him, he lashes out once more. He storms out and is discovered by Kat Slater, his stepmother. When Kat discovers why he’s upset, she shares her viewpoint as a fellow rape survivor and cautions him that if he doesn’t receive help, he’ll ruin himself.

Ben resolves to seek therapy for his trauma and joins a support group, accompanied by Kat. Later that week, Ben and Kat attend the assessment, when he finally begins to talk about his mental trauma – but will he open up to Callum and his family?

Character returns

Following a six-year absence, a fan favorite returns to EastEnders next week. According to new leaks, a popular BBC serial performer will reprise her role next week.

Yolande Trueman returns to Albert Square with some shocking news for her ex-husband Patrick Trueman. Angela Wynter is resuming the role for the first time since her surprising return in 2017.

Yolande had already left Walford for good in 2008 and relocated to Birmingham, where she has remained for the past 15 years. Yolande will now pay Patrick a surprise visit.

She discloses that her relationship with her partner has ended and that she has been evicted from the residence. She asks Patrick if she can live with him, but he declines.

Kim Fox encourages Patrick to battle for his ex, despite the fact that he admitted just months before that he wanted to get her back. Denise then encourages Patrick to seize the opportunity to tell Yolande how much he cares before she departs for good.

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