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EastEnders Theo’s next victim ‘confirmed’ as he’s set to ‘silence’ risky character

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EXCLUSIVE: EastEnders fans know Theo Hawthorne is Stacey Slater’s secret stalker and now artificial intelligence has worked out which Walford residents are just as vulnerable

Theo Hawthorne, an EastEnders stalker, has increased his fixation with Stacey Slater.

According to artificial intelligence, the evil man may be eyeing up some other Walford residents as well.

Viewers have been riveted for months as Theo (William Ellis) becomes increasingly infatuated with Stacey.
Theo began by paying Stacey (Lacey Turner) anonymously for private online sessions on her SecretCam website.

When she was unable to pay her bills due to the cost of living crisis, the show’s alum turned to selling sexy photos of herself online.

Stace has subsequently left the site, but has continued to provide private video call conversations to an anonymous client who is completely ignorant it is Theo.

Her stalker nightmare increased last week when she received a message including facts about her personal life, as well as roses delivered directly to her home – and realized the stalker could be someone she knows.

Stacey was even put in danger when she unknowingly locked herself in her house with Theo, believing the stalker was outside.

The Daily Star has now polled one of the world’s most popular artificially intelligent “creative” tools, Bard AI, to see who else Theo could target next.

“It is clear that Theo is dangerous and will not hesitate to hurt anyone who gets in his way,” the program suggested when asked who Theo might target next. Several characters have the potential to be victims.”

Eve is at the top of the list because she recently found out about Stacey’s stalker ordeal after she confided in her.

Eve urged on Stacey going to the police, but she refused – and despite Stacey’s misgivings, Eve carefully questioned an oblivious Jack Branning (Scott Malsen) about it, and Theo heard every word.

The AI system pointed out: “Theo is already obsessed with Stacey, and he may become jealous of Eve’s close relationship with her. He could also see Eve as a threat to his plans for Stacey.”

The AI program added: “He knows that Eve is close to Stacey and that she could expose him, so he is going to try to silence her.”

With Eve only set to get more suspicious and worried about her pal, it could potentially make her a target for Theo.

Lily, Stacey’s daughter, follows close behind, having been schooled by Theo in an attempt to further worm his way into Stacey’s life.

“Lily is already suspicious of Theo,” the AI program explained. He could attempt stalking Lily to get to Stacey.”

Next up comes Stacey’s ex Martin Fowler (James Bye), who has already questioned Theo’s motivations in assisting Lily, finally confronting the teacher.

But, according to Bard AI, Martin’s curiosity will get the best of him, and Theo “may even try to physically harm Martin.”

“Martin is aware of Theo’s behavior and has tried to warn Stacey about him, but she has chosen to ignore his warnings,” the program added. This has further fueled Theo’s determination to get rid of Martin and have Stacey all to himself.”

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