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EastEnders villain Gray Atkins makes surprising offer to Shirley Carter

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After the death of his other half, Chantelle (unwitting that he murdered her), EastEnders villain GraEastEnders’ Shirley Carter gave her help to Gray Atkins, managing to save him from killing himself, his children, and potentially half the street in a gas explosion.

Shirley has also been fighting with her son Mick this week after the extent of his neglect as a kid was exposed. Today, it has emerged that with Gray, Shirley will come in. Atkins makes a fantastic deal to Shirley Carter.

Mick will have another go at Shirley in scenes that will air on Monday (October 19), both about her parenting and about her relationship with Gray. Instead of disclosing what Gray attempted to do, she would insist that she is only a neighbor.

Gray would be grateful for that, and by providing his spare space for her to stay in, repay her actions. Could that mean that she was able to figure out the truth about Chantelle?

Meanwhile, as actress Luisa Bradshaw-White has chosen to bow out of the role to explore other paths, it was announced this week that Tina Carter would quit the Square shortly.

“It’s time for me to move on after 7 amazing years and get excited about other ideas!” she said.

“On EastEnders, I had the most incredible experience and would miss the cast and crew so much. But I’m still totally pumped about the new journeys that await me … Keep watching a lot of action to come!”

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