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Emmerdale spoilers: Belle Dingle faces heartbreak over Ellis Chapman

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THE chemistry has been palpable between Belle Dingle and Ellis Chapman for the past several weeks.

However, with both families warring over The Woolpack’s fate, Eden Taylor-character Draper’s appears to be doomed on Emmerdale.
Belle and Ellis (Aaron Anthony) dated in the past, but their relationship was cut short in 2019 when Al Chapman’s son left the Dales to move to Dubai.

Belle, on the other hand, seemed to have just eyes for Ellis again in recent weeks.

The Dingles’ persistent animosity with Al (Michael Wildman) has complicated things for both young star-crossed lovers, despite the possibility of rekindling their relationship.

Belle and Ellis will struggle to find time alone to themselves, away from the family drama, in an upcoming episode of the ITV soap, which will show next week.

The characters devise a scheme to meet at a B&B, but it swiftly breaks apart.

Following the failure of their plan, Belle comes to the terrible realization that she may never be able to have fun with Ellis due to the escalating tensions.

The personal feud between Al and Cain has further fueled the fire.

After Priya Sharma asked for his help in an earlier Emmerdale episode, Ellis abandoned Belle and Cain’s son Kyle in the chilly moors.

He had forgotten to bring the car keys with him, preventing Belle and Kyle from returning home.
Cain was furious when he saw his kid in the hospital the next day, and he made Ellis pay for his error by giving him a taste of his own medicine.

A angry Al, on the other hand, retaliated with a veiled threat to Kyle, who was suffering from pneumonia after spending the night outside in the cold.

The Dingles are also in a struggle with Al over The Woolpack, since Al wants to turn the bar into a block of luxury flats.

The businessman sought financial assistance from a loan shark in order to fund his project, but he is now unable to repay his debt.

Al took desperate measures and set The Woolpack on fire during Emmerdale’s Christmas special.

Now Chas and Marlon have been backed into a corner, forced to sell as their insurance claim has been declared void in a recent episode of Emmerdale.

But will Belle and Ellis find a way out of the drama to finally enjoy their time together?

Or are they destined to remain apart?

Find out on Emmerdale, which airs every weeknight on ITV at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm.

Find out on Emmerdale, which airs every weeknight on ITV at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm.

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