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Emmerdale spoilers: Bob surprises Wendy with his own sexual discovery.

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Wendy Posner, a nurse on Emmerdale, has realized—possibly too late—that Tony Audenshaw’s Bob Hope is her true love. After months of secretly having an affair with GP Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson), Wendy finally came to the conclusion that lust and excitement were overrated and that she would much prefer to be curled up on the couch with Bob and listening to Duran Duran.

In the episode airing on Tuesday, July 25, when Liam dropped her off in the village following what was supposed to be a romantic getaway to Newcastle, she lamented that “our bubble has popped.” She hadn’t realised that her heart was still in Emmerdale with Bob until after that vacation away.

Wendy was feeling bad at home, and Bob was having trouble coming to terms with the knowledge that he already knew about her affair with Liam. She eventually started to confess when she was unable to handle the pressure any longer.

Before she could continue, Bob startled her by admitting that he already knew there had never been a sepsis conference in Newcastle and that it had all been a cover for her affair. He insisted on knowing everything, and a sobbing Wendy replied that the affair had begun when she and Liam realised they both enjoyed murder mysteries.

She stated that despite the romance of the affair, it was Bob that she loved and that she cherished their union.

She had betrayed him and told him lies, and Bob was so angry that he hurled back the only defence he had: that he had almost slept with Bernice (Samantha Giles). He claimed that Wendy had made him strongly resist the temptation.

She cried even harder at his use of the past tense when he said, “What we had felt so secure, so perfect.” She pleaded for the opportunity to make amends to him.

Bob claimed that everything was too difficult and that he wanted some alone time “to make a decision.”Will he opt to break up with her or give it another shot?

While Bernice was being reprimanded, Liam was running into her at the café. She assured him that she and Bob were well aware of his liaison with Wendy. She branded him a filthy lech and a shame to his stethoscope and said he had a “mummy complex” (painful).

She continued, “And in Betty Boothroyd too!” referring to the fact that she was aware he had met Wendy in one of the B&B’s guest rooms.

I held you in the highest regard among all of my ex-boyfriends, she said. How disappointing you have proven to be.

The fact that Bernice had earlier expressed dissatisfaction to Bob that he hadn’t turned her knob the previous night when she noticed him standing outside her bedroom door somewhat weakened her claim to the moral high ground. He claimed that while he had been inclined to, Wendy had prevented him.

It’s possible that Bob and Wendy will be able to mend their relationship because of his lack of knob twisting, but it won’t be simple.

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