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Emmerdale theory: Exit ‘sealed’ as Al Chapman dies after affair with Chas exposed

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EMMERDALE’S Al Chapman could be in big trouble next week along with Chas Dingle after Belle Dingle finds out about their affair. An theory explains how the businessman might end up dead in a fatal twist.

Al (Michael Wildman) and Chas (Lucy Pargeter) had just started having an affair behind the backs of their respective partners. Al and Chas agreed that their relationship would just be physical at first, but lately, Chas has been coming to Al more frequently for emotional support. According to confirmed Emmerdale spoilers, Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) will learn about the relationship; however, will she remain silent? It’s possible that word will come out and Al may suffer fatal repercussions as a result of Paddy’s (Dominic Brunt) enraged retaliation. In later moments, Chas and Al enjoy a touching encounter at a hotel, making it even more obvious that their romance is developing emotionally. They kiss passionately as they walk away, but they are unaware that Belle is watching them.

It happened when Chas approached him last month after learning that he might end his relationship with Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton).

“What’s all this you’re doing with Kerry finishing things?” She enquired.

Al answered, “Look, I simply don’t feel comfortable dragging her along.

It seems out I do have a conscience after all, he continued.

But you enjoy her! Chas exploded and continued: “This arrangement we have is distinct from others. It’s not necessary for anything to change.”

Only, Al noted, “it has.” He said that Kerry no longer piqued his curiosity.

“I’ve had time and all I can think about is you and us, and why we keep going back to each other again and again,” Chas stated as he made an attempt to counter.

He said that he loves Chas and detested seeing her with Paddy.

He countered, “People end marriages all the time,” to which Chas retorted, “Not this one.”

I told you this was just physical, if your ego can’t handle that, she snarled.

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